BDP 102 – Daemons at Throne of Skulls

Throne of Skulls

Daemons of Chaos and Throne of Skulls

In episode 102 we have a guest on the show, Chris Taylor joins us to talk about the Throne of Skulls and also his thoughts so far on the new Daemons of Chaos army.

While we don’t have an episode sponsor we do have a shout out.  We want to say a huge thanks to Denise for sending Mark a load of Orcs and Goblins to add to his army.

Fortnight in Fantasy

Mark talks us through his method of painting chequered cloaks on his Orcs.  Chris talks about painting his Daemons.  Ben has been listening to Robert Jordan – Wheel of Time book 1- The Eye of the World from Audible

Rushden Rumble.

Mark and Gareth went to the Rushden Rumble.  Gareth played with with his Vampires for the first time and give his thoughts on the list. Mark talked about magical lore of light rivers effecting the games.

Throne of Skulls

Ben, Mark and Chris played at the Throne of Skulls.  Gareth was also around for part of the weekend so we all talk about how we thought the event went.  We discuss our games, the zero comp and 2000 points meta game and scenarios.  We also chat about the other things that happen at a Throne of Skulls weekend and how we felt they added to the event overall.

Daemons of Chaos Thoughts

Chris Taylor chats to us about his experiences so far with the new Daemons of Chaos book.  He played at the Throne of Skulls and has played a few practice games in the run up to the event.

Gareth’s Query Corner

In this latest GQC installment we address; How to deal with cheating or suspected cheating, How does a Comet work, Stupidity and frenzy rules.  Stand and Shooting, Are Daemons really Daemons?  How big is a headstone, and lots more!


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