BDP 103 – Vampire Counts Army Review

vampire counts

Vampire Counts Army Review

In episode 103 the ETC Team England Vampire Counts player, Chris Legg, is a guest on the show to tell us all about the Vampire Counts.

Fortnight in Fantasy

We have a quick chat about what we have been up to in the hobby over the last couple of weeks before diving right into the army review.

Army Review

Our Vampire Counts army starts with a look at the army special rules and Chris gives a few insights how to make the most of and avoid the worst of these rules.
We then go through the different sections of the book and Chris gives his thoughts on each of the units.


  • Lords – How you can build the ultimate Vampire Lord and how the different choices you make here will impact what else you can fit into the list.  The choices between a 600 point lord and a 400 point lord backed up by a Necromancer. Whats the best build for both mounted and infantry Vampire Lords.
  • Heroes – The hero section of a vampire army is very congested, there are a load of great choices and you can easily bring 7 or 8 hero’s in a 2400 points army.  We look at what combination of choices you should be going for in the different army builds.

Lore of Vampires

Gareth reads the spells and the 4 of us discuss how they work in the games and how to get the best from the lore of Vampires.


We talk about all the units in the book and give our views on how to combine them to the best effect.
  • Core – Zombies, Ghouls or Skeletons and lets not forget Dire Wolves.  Each have their place and we show where that place it.
  • Special – This is the most crowded area and can have the biggest impact on your overall army build.  We talk about which units work well together and which units are usually taken instead of another.
  • Rare – While it might seem all about the Terrorghiest we also look at how the other choices can be put to best use.

Combos and builds

The review is concluded by going over the different builds and combos that are available in the Vampire LIst

Gareth’s Query Corner

We take questions about the red fury rules, the Mantic Undead range, can vamps be competitive without Crypt Horrors, Black Knights Varghiests. How does the Vampires generals rules work with different magic lores and lots more!


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We wrap up the show

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