BDP 123 – Not Dead!! Adepticon 2014

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Not Dead!! – Adepticon 2014

Don’t worry!  We are not dead….

The 3 of us manage to get together again to talk about Mark and Gareth’s trip to Adepticon 2014.

Adepticon is the worlds biggest and best table top gaming event and the guys had an awesome time out there.  In this episode we talk about the gaming and the social side of Adepticon as well as having a round up of what the 3 of us have been doing in the hobby over the last few months.


We wrap up the show Give us your feedback by leaving a comment below or catching the 3 of us on twitter. @Baddice_Podcast @PurpleHuskey @MarktheBeastman I look forwards to hearing what you have to say!

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