Episode 85 – Extended Gareths Query Corner

In this episode we catch up on a backlog of Query Corner questions.


Fortnight in Fantasy.

Gaming: Ben vs Mark. Dark Elves vs Empire.  Ben vs Michael Biggs Dark elves vs Orcs and Goblins.  Gareth vs Mark Empire vs Tomb Kings

Painting and modeling: Marks new project orcs and goblins, Ben’s Warmachine and Chaos Dwarfs

Other gaming: Warmachine ETC, Mental Football

Books, TV + Movies: Abraham Lincoln and Rock of Ages, Redshirts, Horus Heresy Audio Books


The 40k midnight Warhammer World opening and Chaos Dwarf bull Centaurs from forge world.

Gareths Query Corner

Does the Abomb get up from autokill, Timewarp, Disclosing items in closed lists, Buying old models on different base sizes, Can ward save stop a cannonball? Should Tecilis be allowed in events? What does MR protect against? Does non Demigriff emipre work and Do they get Hatred from the Warrior Priest? Projecting attacks across characters? Unit fillers, Glee or Smash, Ragequit moments, Grudge Gareth.

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