About Bad Dice

So whats this Bad Dice thing all about? Bad Dice is a podcast all about Warhammer Fantasy battle.  When we launched the show we were the first of its type from the UK and only the 2nd one in the world. Since then there have been numerous Warhammer Fantasy Podcasts come and go and during this time Bad Dice has gone from strength to strength.

Where did it all begin?

Ben Curry and Ben Johnson were the original hosts of Bad Dice, back in 2008 we listened to Podhammer, the first Warhammer Podcast and was sure we could do a better job.  By the end of the year we had decided to star our own show.  Our first Episode was released in February 2009 and we started as we meant to go on, with on-site coverage of the UK Warhammer Fantasy Battle Masters.  The episode was a success (even if the sound quality wasn’t!) and from there we travelled round the UK with our Laptop and trusty USB mic recording at events and bringing you the news and reviews every fortnight.

By the end of the first year we had released 24 episodes, almost all of them had a focus of some sort on the various tournaments throughout the country aswell as recording from The European Team Championships in Germany and the Giant Fanatic tournament in Denmark.  It was at this point that we decided that after a year of success we would upgrade our equipment to bring a more professional show with a higher quality sound.

And Where are We Now?

The Bad Dice Podcast is still going strong, at the time of typing (November 2012) we have just released episode 94.  In May 2012 The Bad Dice Daily was released, this was the first podcasts in the gaming industry that has a daily schedule.  15 mins a day of Warhammer talk, with interviews, rules discussions army breakdowns and general thoughts on Warhammer.

What’s in the Show?

When we are not playing in (and recording about) tournaments we cover news and product reviews, tactics and painting and modelling advice.  We have interviews with the people in the gaming world who have a story to tell, the likes of Kevin Coleman and Matt Birdoff, (the guys behind the Dwarves of Chaos indy army book), Conrad E J Gonsalves (Long time gamer and Chairman of the WPS)  Andrew Galea (Rankings HQ) and Laurie Stewart (The Gaming Club Network) as well as some of the best generals on the tournament scene and more recently real wargaming celebs Gav Thorpe, Alessio Cavatore and Nick Kyme to name a few.

Who are the Hosts?

The original hosts were Ben Curry and Ben Johnson, 2 devilishly attractive gents from Derby, England.  In the summer of 2011 Ben Johnson left the show to work at games workshop.  He is still a tournament regular and you can see what he is up to as he occasionally pops up in White Dwarf.

Ben Curry is the remaining host and he also hosts the Bad Dice Daily podcast and the Mantic Games Podcast.  Not only that but he pops up regularly on other podcasts including a full Dark Elf army review in episode 49 of Garagehammer.

Ben plays Dark Elves almost exclusively, but in the past has played Lizardmen, Skaven and Wood Elves.  He in Englands most capped ETC player with 5 team appearances including being a part of the 2012 team that picked up 3rd place.

Ben Curry

After Ben Johnson left the show a new co-host was required, so in came Mark Wildman. Mark had appeared on a previous show (the Beastman review in episode 56) and as his partner, Gareth, had just started playing the game we decided to get him on the show too.  Their first show was Episode 65 and they have settled in very well.

Mark plays Beastmen, Empire and Tomb Kings and is currently painting an Orc and Goblins army.  Gareth uses Marks Empire but is starting on his own Vampire Counts army.

Mark Wildman and Gareth Dicks