Blood and Glory Trophy brief

I made this post to show the ideas I have for my Blood and Glory trophies.

I want to give out trophies that are very personal to the event.

Games Workshop have iconic awards in the Slayer Sword, Throne of Skulls and Golden Demon. I want to create a trophy for Blood and Glory that will be instantly recognisable as being from my event and also set my event apart from others by having its own award.

The idea

I want a trophy in the general shape of a traditional cup. (Thin at the base, on a plinth/block tapering out as it goes up)

What ever the final design, it will be painted bronze silver and gold so a weathered stone statue/beaten metal effect would be good.

My Blood and Glory logo is a dragon so I like the idea of a dragon head bust but am not 100% attached to this idea.

I also like the idea of a Chaos Warrior (legally different and non IP Infringing) in the Honoured Imperium (golden demon/academy awards) style. Again. I am not 100% attached to this idea.

Due to the nature of the usage, fine detail is not required. I am intending on casting this in dental plaster or a similar material. I have no previous experience with this some want to work with someone who can advise.


I want the trophy to be a good size so at least 8″ tall + its base. It needs to be big and chunky.

What do I need?

A sculptor who can create this piece from concept to delivery in a timely manner. I would prefer to work with someone who is well organised and easy to keep in contact with

I am entirely open to advice and suggestions on how to best make this project work.

Please take into account that this is to be reproduced and is not a one off. I am open to having a price to have this cast up for me too but I was planning on doing that myself. As this is going to be a trophy that I need 20+ items every year, possibly more if I expand my events.

I am currently planning to cast this using resin, but am also considering Dental stone(Plaster) and am willing to take advice on the best method for my need.

I like the suggestion of a digital sculpt and printed master. This would allow me to have 3 sizes created in the same fashion (gold, Silver, Bronze) but this is not at all a major concern.

Future works

If this project goes well I have need for a similar one in a smaller scale for 1 day events. And possibly a silver and bronze award to match.


If you have been sent this link and feel that you can offer your services you can contact me

Email –

mobile number is 07909833076 feel free to message/what’s app me any time but please only call during weekdays 9/5 without a heads up first.

Please get in touch and let me know if this is something that you can do and what a ball park price and timeframe would be and also some examples of your previous works.

Reference pictures

Academy awardsimg_0172-1

Found on googleimg_0165-1

World Cup

img_0164-1 Throne of Skullsimg_5069-1 img_0162-1 img_0161-1 img_0163-1 img_0167 img_0174-1 img_0173 Dragon Bustimg_0168 Honoured Imperium terrain