BDD 158 – Changes to Rankings HQ Explained

rankings hq

Changes to Rankings HQ Explained

On todays episode I am joined by Andrew Galea from Rankings HQ and we talk about some of the changes that are taking place over at

There was a recent email sent out that has resulted in a lot of discussion about the rankings so Andrew give us the lowdown on what is happening and how this will effect the players going forwards.

This is the email:

As some of you might know, Rankings HQ recently turned 3 years old. Many of you might not know that I actually starting publishing rankings systems for miniature war-games over 10 years ago.  It is amazing how much the web site has grown in that time and that is something I will always be proud of.  RHQ has grown from 2 game systems for 2 countries to 5 game systems across more than 20 countries, and boasts over 8,000 active users. What started out as a small hobby site has turned into a sophisticated rankings software platform with a vast array of features and millions of lines of data.

Unfortunately the growth of the site has resulted in RHQ becoming a victim of its own success as I am no longer able to effectively process the hundreds of queries, requests and result uploads that hit the site every week. The miniature war-gaming side of RHQ is still very much a hobby indulgence for me; the site is free for all users and tournament organisers, and as such I can no longer justify the hours each day that I spend on maintaining the rankings for so many gaming communities.

For many of you the site will remain free and nothing will change, as your ranking groups have acquired an Affiliate sponsor. For those groups that do not have a sponsor by March 31st 2013 it will cost players US$12 a year to remain as part of the group.

Before I go any further let me list the ranking groups that have already attracted Affiliate sponsors (listed in the right hand column): Warhammer 40K (USA, UK, AUS); Warmachine/Hordes (UK, AUS, NZL); Flames of War (UK); Malifaux (UK).  For players of these ranking groups there will be no change for 2013!


Essentially, an Affiliate sponsor means a company, organisation, club or group of gamers becoming an “Affiliate” on RHQ, who provides financial support to cover the time/costs required to maintain and publish the rankings for a given ranking group.  All affiliates on RHQ have their own customised home page which they use to communicate with users in the ranking groups they “own”.

Affiliates are able to advertise their products & services through their home page and banners that appear in the relevant game system forums they sponsor.  They are also able to send out communications to the users in their rankinggroups.  An affiliate does not have to be a retail store, it could be a podcast, a miniature manufacturer or any other company in the miniature game industry.

Ranking groups that are sponsored by Affiliates provide entry for players to that group for free during the term of the sponsorship.


All existing data, profiles and rankings will operate as normal up to March 31st 2013.  After that date only players that purchase 12 month memberships to the ranking group(s) they are part of will appear in the ranking tables.

Note that players that do not purchase a membership will still maintain their profile which will still accumulate their tournament results, they will just not appear in the rankingtables.


Ranking Groups that get a sponsor will continue as they have done the last 3 years.  Players will be able to join the groups for free and all registered players in the ranking group(s) will appear in the ranking tables each month.


There are many benefits for a business in the industry that wants to become an affiliate.  If you know a local store, business, club or podcast that might be interested, send them a link to the affiliate benefits page and pass on the RHQ email address (


Between now and the 1st of April 2013 I will be doing everything I can to attract sponsors so that Affiliates can be found for all the ranking groups on RHQ.  I want to send out a heartfelt apology to everyone that has supported the site all these years, however I simply cannot devote the enormous amount of time and money required to support the 8,000+ registered users on the site.

I hope you understand this has not been an easy decision to make.  I have been deliberating over it for most of this year and have spoken to many players, tournament organisers and friends about my predicament. The decision to stop maintaining the rankings for free after all this time was a very difficult one to make.

If you have any questions or comments, please make them on the appropriate thread on RHQ (this message will be posted there as well) or you can contact me via the email I will try my best to answer all questions and will get back to you as soon as I can.


Andrew Galea

Since sending that email Andrew has signed up an affiliate fo rthe UK WFB rankings group but at the time of recording WFB in the US is still looking for support.


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BDD 153 – Horus Heresy Update with Marcoos

Horus Heresy Update

Horus Heresy Update with Marcoos

Its Whimsical Wednesday and I head off the Warhammer Piste and talk to Marcus and get the latest Horus Heresy Updates.

On this episode we;

  • Draw the winner of the Horus Rising contest
  • Talk about the Advernt Calander short Audio Dramas
  • Preview the Bretrayer by Aaron Demski Bowden and talk about how he is a rising star of the Heresy authors
  • Talk about The Primarchs Discovery Order Blog post from Marcus.

I listened to the latest Garro – Sword of Truth Audio Drama this week and Marcus delves into some of the details that I missed in this story line.

we finish up by talking about what we can expect from the Heresy in the coming months, and the main one that interests us is the Unremembered Empire by Dan Abnett.  The artwork has been release over the last few weeks and is just stunning (click the image for a large version)

Unremembered Empire


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BDD 143 – The Garagehammer Weight Loss Challenge

Today I veer off topic and have David Witek , Host of the Garagehammer Podcast, on the show to talk about the Garagehammer Weight Loss Challenge.

Garagehammer is a Warhammer Fantasy Battle Podcast from the Chicagoland Area in the USA.  David is one of the hosts and he has recently decided to try and lose some weight.  This in itself is nothing out of the ordinary but what make’s it interesting is the support from the community to get behind David with his challenge.

At the time of recording there had been 40 people signed up to take part in the challenge and since then even more have got involved.

This is what David has to say on his forumus about getting involved.

Ok, guys. So this is the board for our Garagehammer Weight Loss Club.
I’m not calling it a competition. I’m calling it a club. If you want to be a part, here’s all you need to do:
1 ) Start a thread using just your forum name as the Subject. This will be your thread and every week you will log in with your current weight. We are starting today, Sunday, November 25. Weigh-in is every Monday. Make your weigh-in post
2 ) Your thread is there for YOU! I encourage you to blog about your successes and your failures. What are you doing that works? Did you have a particularly bad week? Get it off your chest.
3 ) Make your Monday weigh in the appropriate thread with nothing else so it’s easy for us to see. In fact, make it in bold. Domus and I are going to keep a running total of everyone’s total weight lost, % of weight lost, and total weight lost as a group.
4 ) Feel free to post on other people’s threads, but remember…this is not those other forums! No trolling and no negativity. Nobody is doing this to be shamed. If you’re a fatty like me, you know how hard this is and how embarrassing this can be. We need encouragement, not lectures. If you’re going to be a jerk, I’m going to lock you out of this board.
5 ) If you don’t want anyone responding to your thread, that’s fine. Maybe you just want to participate and put your totals in as part of the team. If that’s the case please make the subject of your thread your forum name followed by “NR.” and we will know not to respond (if the person read this thread.)  If you get posts in the thread and don’t want them, PM me or Domus and I’ll remove them and let the poster know. Remember, don’t snap if they post. They might not have noticed the NR or they might not have read this post.  We’ll let them know.
6 ) This is going to run for 6 months. Yes, I said 6 months. We are going to get your totals and see how much we can lose. There are a lot of fatties with 100+ pounds to lose and we want every opportunity to see how much we can lose. (Yes, I’m using the term fatty, but I’m referring to myself so it’s ok. DON’T refer to other club members as fatty.)

Now, many of you like a little competition, so here’s that part:

We are going to keep track of each member’s total weight lost and total % of body weight lost, as well as keeping track of the total weight lost as a group.
The total weight lost as a group is our primary focus. We think that, with enough members joining, we could lost anywhere from 1000-2000 pounds as a group in 6 months. YES, WE COULD LOSE A TON OF GAMERS!!!!!

So, if you are interested you could join our TWO PART “challenge.” After reading this you can opt to be in the first part, the second, both or neither.
If so, let us know on your first post. (Yes, go back and edit it if you’re reading this after you posted. Go ahead, I’ll wait….)

So at the end of the 6 months we are going to list everyone from highest % of body weight lost to lowest. The challenge is more of a “secret Santa” or something like that.

1 ) The person with the lowest % of weight loss (who is participating in the “challenge” portion) will build and paint a Warhammer model for the person with the next lowest % of weight loss. That person will do the same for the person on above them on the list, and so on and so forth until we get to the top of the list. The person with the highest % of weight loss will build and paint a model for the person on the bottom. That way everyone gets a memento of their work on the challenge.

2 ) In addition to making a model for the person above you on the % list, you may opt for part 2, which is making a model for the person with the highest loss. I know this might make things “competitive,” but I’m hoping it won’t, and here’s why…


This means that you are welcome to take one of your core troop models and paint it up and send it to your person. Of course, you are also welcome to get them a model for their army if you want. I just don’t want this to get expensive. Character models are sometimes more expensive than a box of basic troop and that just starts to get silly.

So that’s it. If you want to be a part of the challenge, you will be giving 1-2 models to other people in the club and receiving 1 model (and possibly a lot more) in return.

That’s it. Please do not respond to this thread unless you have questions. Domus and I will discuss them and answer them as quickly as possible.

Thanks, and happy losing!


So head over to to check out the show and visit the Garagehammer forums to join in the fun.

If you have anything to say about this episode feel free to let me know by leaving a comment below or sending an email to

I look forwards to hearing what you have to say!


Daily Episode 98 – Warhammer In Sweden

Warhammer In Sweden

In this episode I am joined by Hampus Berg (@Hampus_berg on Twitter) to chat about Warhammer in Sweden.

We cover tournament gaming, how big the events are and how spread out they are across such a large country with a relitively small population.  The Gaming club vs Store gaming culture and how the number of quality gaming stores could impact this.  We also cover the amount of regular players in the local tournament scene and how this effects the quality of the play and also how it compares to the 40k and Warmachine scenes.

Hampus tells me about the origins of the Swedish Comp system and how widespread it is in their events.

Outside The Box

Finally we talk about Outside the Box, the first Warhammer show where English is not the hosts first language.  Check it out on You Tube 

The Podcast Awards.

The 2012 Podcast Awards have opened for nominations this week.  if you have enjoyed the show ove rthe last year an would like to show your support you can do so by nominations us for an award.  You can do so by visiting the information page for more details

Bad Dice Podcast Awards


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Daily Episode 93 – Battlestar Galactica and Butchers Nails reviews


Battlestar Galactica and Smart Ass

Its the return of Whimsical Wedneday where I veer off topic to talk about what ever takes my fancy and this week its the latest board games i’ve been playing.  On Saturday night at the warlords GT I got a game in on Battlestar Galactica the board game from Fantasy Flight Games.  I have also been playing a lot of the party/family game Smart Ass.

Butchers Nails.

Slightly back on topic and I talk about the Butchers Nails Audio Drama by Aaron Dembski Bowden.  This is the best Audio drama I have listened to so far from the Black Library and really covered a lot in a short space of time.

Daily Episode 83 – How I Lost The Midlands Open

Bad Dice

Daily Episode 83 – How I Lost The Midlands Open

It’s quite a ballsy start to the show, “How I Lost The Midlands Open” is a big statement but  I really believe that I did lose the Midlands Open and in this episode of the podcast I try to analyse what I did wrong to fall from winning it last year to not even winning a single game of warhammer on the first day of the 2012 event.

I take a look at the errors I made in judging the meta game that had not only developed due to recent army books but also around that fact that the rules pack was both Win, Loss or Draw, a system that is seen less and less in the UK, but also contained secret missions that on their own could swing a game.

Not only did I have a bad list but I also played it very wrong in some match-ups.  I look at those games and address the issues that came from poor deployment, poor decision making and poor motivation.

I talk about some of the pitfalls that need to be avoided if you want to finish highly at a big event and some tips on how you can identyfy the problems and work around them.

I look at a few of the games that I initially said I lost due to bad luck, crazy dice or other excuses and pick out the problems with my game play, focusing on the mistakes I made in the game, what I could have done to avoid those mistakes and hopfully improve in those areas in the future.

Finally I round off with what is a big tip to help you along the path towards winning tournaments.

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