ETC game six match ups

Hey ya.


So it’s the last round. It all hangs in the balance. Who will be the champions of ETC 2012? Only time will tell, but again I am surprised by the calmness of the dudes. It’s quite fun being here and when happy people play, Gareth is happy.


Just a little disclaimer first. I just want to state that all the things within this blog are totally my opinions and feelings. I say what I see and what I hear, no offense or incorrect information is intended. I am one little guy giving my views out to the geek world. So in terms of corrections, it’s been noted that, apparently, there were no unofficial yellow cards given yesterday…I have been told. And the same happy organiser has told me that the hall was in fact not given for free…Ok. Again I only report what I see and hear. But maybe geeks are the biggest gossips around.


I do want to give a shout out to one of the main organisers, Buzz. He has been so welcoming to me and my work and is such a lovely guy. So thanks dude. And also a massive big up to for the use of the internet and computers. Needed communication to the outside world. But Buzz assures me that next year (should they host the etc) internet for Gareth is a number one priority.


I have also been the self appointed / unofficial photographer for the event, taking team portraits. These are the ones you see on this blog and I hope you like them. But is has sometimes been an effort to get these. Some teams (maybe rightly so) have been too focused on the game to get a group pictures…that will live forever on the web…that take a few minutes to do. I have most, but, as I have said to them, I’m not wasting my time by constantly returning to the same countries to see if they are ‘ready’.


What has impressed me about this event is the teams swapping gifts and shirts after their games. I feel that’s a nice touch and it shows great sportsmanship. It like a ‘proper’ sporting event. And I suppose it is; sweat, tears and competition. It’s very hot here in Poland and depending on where you are in the hall, the sun is streaming in. Some teams (Denmark) are mostly topless (nice). That may be a bit off-putting for some people and the larger of the people, but maybe it adds to the excitement. I find it funny to see the guys leaving their games to stand in front of the massive fan, trying to be Marylyn Monroe. But I’ve heard that the 40k is like a sweaty old mans pub. Nice!


So the match ups are as follows:


Engalnd V Malta.

They seem to be doing ok. Maybe a win on the cards, but some match ups are hard and not going in the way planned. Failed charges, bad dice rolls and poor magic are not helping. Maybe that ironic being baaaaaaad daaaaice.











The team captain is impressed that I’m doing abbreviations now.


Scotland v Sweden

These guys are doing great and moving up. Hope this win this match up as (most of the time) they seem to be quite focused. I enjoy me time with them and think they deserve to get a good result. No games have finished early











Wales v Serbia

Great bunch and seem some great play. Think they should beat this lot but not too sure if they will. But the dragons luck needs to come through here.












We have a big social / piss up later, so depending on the results this could be an amazing laugh or a ‘drown your sorrows’ event. Either way…bring it in.


Results next, so place you bets please. As of writing England have three wins and a loss.




Day Three Match Ups.

The match ups for game five, are as follows.


Team England v Austria

Empire v Empire

Lizards v Brets

Dark Elves v Dark Elves

Tk v Lizards

Ogres v C.D

Skaven v Dwarfs.

Daemons v V.C.


Team Scotland v Wales

Dark elves v ogres

Dwarfs v Empire

Empire v Brets

High Elves v Daemons.

Lizards v High Elves

Ogres v dark Elves

Skaven v T.K

W.o.c v W.o.c


Team Northern Ireland v Canda

High Elves v dark elves

Woc v High elves.

Ogres v VC

Daemons v Woc

Brets v skaven

Tk v orcs

Ogres v lizards

Empire v daemons.


Team R Ireland v Singapore

High elves v lizards

Ogres v Daemons.

Daemns v Skaven

Empire v Orcs


Orcs v CD

Woc v Ogres



Things got off to a good start and below are some pictures of early deployment and moves. The second bout of pictures, is of the games, with a hour to go.


Does a picture

tell a thousand stories???

ETC Day three.

Morning dudes


Feeling very fresh today and considering there is a lot of pressure is on, many of the teams here feel quite relaxed. The refs are smiling and the grumpy organiser even has the ability to ‘smile’ this too. I am surprised really, but I am hoping this will make a less ‘gamey’/ ‘sneaky’ kind of game playing.


Yesterday was renowned for red and yellow cards given to players, as well as point penalties. Some penalties were given due to not finishing games within the allotted time and although it wont matter in the grand scheme of things, when it gets it final scores and teams are up to the capped figure (100 points) then every point counts. France are currently the leaders with two penalties. Red cards that were issued yesterday (one to Italy against the English) meant that they lost 20 points for that game. The yellow cards (some unofficial) were seen as slaps on the wrists, with no point deductions. Most of these were for bad communication. I struggle with this, as language is certainly a barrier here, at times, and the ‘warnings’ are issued to both parties, no matter who was in the metaphorical ‘right’. Mad. But it was a busy day yesterday with questions and rules and proper game faces.


There was also a meeting of the ‘men in the know’ last night, where question about the running of the event were discussed. But many points, such as where the money goes and how much is made, were not really answered. It doesn’t really matter I suppose, but still I find it odd that food is not included in the price, especially when the hall was given for free. I hope that the UK can stake a claim and host it, as I would love to be involved and feel we could run a pretty decent tourney, give food and give good fun! ‘you like’.


Most of the teams today are bright eyed and bushy tailed, but some (any guesses) are still sloshed, but who knows, it may help them.


Today, I hooked up with the captains of team GB to get their thoughts. (England, Scotland, Wales, NI and RI).


GD: Team NI Barry is here with me, how do you think your performance in the ET has been?


NI: The team have done their best. Some newer players have struggled with the Etc style, but all in all I think we are improving. But all in all I think we are improving. We are still quite low down in the tables but we are within range of people. We have reached the points cap in three of the rounds, which is important. And we are going to get a win this morning, hopefully and we’d like one more win today, and leave on a winning note.


GD: And where would like to be in the rankings?


NI: Well better than last year. We came fifth last year but we’d like to get out of the bottom ten.


GD: So I just jumped over the border to sunny Wales. Matt how do you think team Wales has done generally in this tourney?


W: We have done quite well so far. We’ve won our first two rounds of the tournament ever, and we are actually above where I thought we would be right now.


GD: Do you think you will get the correct match’s up today?


W: We will get the correct matchups. How it goes is a bit random as we have Scotland, we’ve played them many times before and have beaten us.


GD: Are you confident to day, to beat them?


W: Yeah, we will be fine. For me, Skaven would be good.


GD: Where would you like to finish?


W: Above England would be funny. We had a bad round in the fist game against Poland. The points scores for everyone isn’t as hoped, as we only got 18 points in that game, but we are totally 340, two big wins and two big losses basically.


GD: Woody, team RI. Final day, are you confident?


RI: No, Simple answer, no way. We might come 20th if we are lucky. We are all too drunk and hung over.


GD: What do you reckon to you performances before today?


RI: It was good up until we played Austria, and then they single handily fisted us. They fisted pretty bad so we are on table eight. We’ve had three wins one loss.


GD: Can you turn it around with the luck of the Irish?


RI: Fingers crosses, if we can do the same thing as last year then we should be ok. We would like to b anywhere in the top ten.


GD: team England Bryan, how do you think England is doing?


E: Obviously we are a bit disappointed against the result with the Polish, but I think they had better lists and had a little bit of luck. This morning we have the Austrians, and we think we have done well in the match ups, but then they probably think they have done well also. Slow and steady start and maybe power through in the end. We are happy with where we are, we are still in contention to be on table two, so its good.


GD: What are England’s results so far?


E: A max point win against the Australians, then against the New Zealand team. The best result so far was the complete destruction of the Italians, they are historically a team we have struggled against, but that was really good. Then a big loss against the Polish. We would like a win against the Austrians and hope the Germany draws against the Polish, then draw then and maybe be in with a shout.


GD: Where would you like to be?


E: We could take a podium. We’ve never taken a podium. We are in a good position, two games to go, upwards from here. We would like to win, but we didn’t beat the Polish, so second or third would be fantastic.


GD: Tim, team Scotland, how do you think your team has done?


S: The first day was pretty poor, we lost both rounds. Yesterday we won both rounds, picking up 181 points so we are on table ten today. We have Wales, think it will be a fairly even match, it could go either way. We have beaten them four times so far but they may hammer us today. Be nice to finish with at least another win. But if we do win one, it would still be our bets ETC performance. We’d like to rank top half.


GD: Do you think the team have done well at the event?


S: A lack of preparation and practice is maybe showing, getting the match up rights against certain lists too is tricky. So we could have done better. I think we are wining games as we are playing well and just having a go


GD: You enjoying this as an event?


S: Yes, ETC is probably the best event like this. Meeting people from different countries. And playing games with people like the Wealsh is really fun.


GD: Can you get the correct matches?


S: I think their lists are tougher than ours and a lot more focused, quite a few armies with light spam that pick up a lot of points. Hopefully we can get some good match up for a few wins. Who knows.



So, I have been seeing lots of the ‘pairing’ process over the weekend and thought I would share this with you. Its mathematical and technical but very important and every nation does it in a different way. Hope my images help you understand.

Team England estimate what every possible combination would be and then rank them in traffic light order (red for bad, amber for draw and green for awesome.) They then use it as a matrix to decide who they could put forward against, starting with matches they know are dead certs. With the colour coding they can see who is the biggest risk and who its beneficial to be against. England does it on a fancy computer spread sheet, where as Wales has good old paper. The scots have top trump card and the ROI use a spread sheet variant also. Every team does it in a different way, but essentially they are using players as scapegoats to divert certain armies so better match up cane be found. It’s very clever and does not always work, but I suppose the process should be called ‘risk management’. Hopefully my pictures help you see, but please notice the Aussie use of models and block to do their fantasy matching.



Hot Boy Count: medium. So many young looking dudes and I question if I should be cheeking them out. Like it when guys take their ops off, but that isn’t happening much yet.


Food: Tried steak tartar last night…lush. Great duck with dumplings also. And it’s so cheap out here. Missing my baking though as I didn’t stay with the Aussies last night and so didn’t make me cakes.


Alcohol: Only had two beers last night and was not drunk, good thing really as I would probably been violated by Leggy and Goodwin as I crashed in their room. I intend to get slaughtered tonight and increase the amount of str8 gamers I’ve ‘played with’.


ETC DAY TWO game four.

Hey guys and gals.

So lunch is done and the games we straight in, no time to breathe and take a pee. Personally I feel it’s a bit too quick as some people were only just finished before a brief lunch.  But that’s the way it rolls out here. There was an awefull of talking about the


The match ups are as follows.


Team England v Poland

Ogres v Lizards

Skaven v Skaven

Daemons v Ogres

Empire v W.o.c

V.C v CD

Tomb kings V dark Elves

Dark Elves v V.C

Lizards V Brets



Team Scotland v Sweden

Warriors v Skaven

Lizards v V.C

Dark Elves  Lizards

Dwarfs v Dwarfs

Empire v W.o.c

Skaven v empire

High Elves v Dark Elves

Orks v High Elves

Team Wales v Northern Ireland

Warriors v Tomb Kings

Brets v Empire

Ogres v Beastmen.

Tomb Kings v orcs

Dark Elves v Warriors

Daemons v Daemons

Empire v Ogres

High Elves v High elves


Team R Ireland v Austria

Ogres v Lizards

C.D v Empire

Skaven v Skaven

Empire v Brets

High Elves v c.d

W.O.C v Dark Elves

Daemons v Daemons

Orcs v V.C


Slightly more charged atmosphere now, topless men (the thin ones) as its getting warmer and team captains frantic to make the best matches. It seems like a real weight on their shoulders.

Ben curry, that used Purple Sun to his advantage last game, killed his most expensive model with it this time. That’s back firing for you. The team England have a lot of pressure on them and the moment it looks like two thirds may win or draw and a third loose, but that’s the game. I want them to do well, so come on girls pull it out the bag.  I can only imagine the pressure as there are quite a few spectators sitting around the team. Maybe a put off, but they are going for it.Irelandare hopeful, but will their earlier luck aid them.  I’m not so sure this time, but table three is good.  The head ref just said to me that he feels it may be the first timeEnglandscore under their prediction… I hope not.

The Wealsh seem to be doing really well with some certain wins in the offing andScotlandare so so, but Ron Ing looks set to win. Also the Aussies are climbing back up with draws and wins readying.

So its still fairly relaxed but I am seeing the rule book pop out several times. But I’m also seeing some pants movement trays. Can cardboard really cut it in this event?  Im not sure.

Hot Boy Count: good to fair. Been flirting with the 40k dudes…more 6packs in there.

Gamer stench: medium. But the fab have started so its very breezy.

Food: Had some sausage, no idea what type or how much it was, I just held my hand out with money and they take it. Can’t they use pounds over here.

Alcohol: Hobo city with the cans covered. Love it. I’m sober though…as are teamEngland.



Match Ups and game three

So, the match up’s are as follows….



Lizards v Ogres

Ogres v High Elves

Skaven v Daemons

Empire v Dark Elves

Dark Elves v Empire

Tomb Kings v Lizards

V.C v V.C

Daemons v chaos



Dwarfs v empire

Chaos dwarfs v tomb kings

HIgh elves v daemons

Skaven v warriors

Warriors v ogres

Brets v dark elves

V.C v brets

Dark elves v high elves



Dwarfs v dark elves

Ogres v lizards

Skaven v skaven

Empire v daemons

High elves v ogres

Lizards v beasts

Warriors v brets



Orks v lizards

C D v dwarfs

High elvs v high elves.

Empire v v.c

Daemons v empire

Warriors v c.d

Skaven v dark elevs.



So far I have seen a lot of Skaven off’s.  Not sure why this is… are they best playing each other? I’ll keep an eye out on it but I like the idea of similar armies playing, makes it more about skill and dice rather than have un fair advantages.


I thought this was an uncompted even but actually it is quite hard on some armies… to try and get them at a good level. Take a look at the attach picture and judge for yourself.


Ben has just set off Purple Sun, getting his opponent to take off a magma cannon, a hell cannon and several dwarfs. Russ has a comment (s5) in the middle of his deployment and war machines and Jack seems to be ploughing through the ogres. Seems like fun and there is two hours left. I love the heated exchanges between the guys.


A member of team Wales have been issued with a warning for ‘improper communication’ he pointed to a unit no knowing you had to choose the bell or something within. I’m not sure I understand or agree as he is such a nice guy and it was issued by the Polish guy with great communication skills himself.


The Irish seem to be doing ok, considering they are still drunk, but most are in close combat now, so its hinges on the next hour or so. The scotts have a 20-0 will over Dwarves from their dark elves and their high elevs have not seen any casualties at all yet. Where as flaming attacking war machines have hurt the Aussie elves.

I then passed by the Canadians and one is talking of rage quitting due to bad dice rolls. Matt, you need the new Bad Dice Gaystyle ones.



ENGLAND UPDATE: Lots of debate over measuring of furies flying. Possibly they have been inaccurate and moving further than 20 inches. Refs been at that table for quite a while trying to sort it out. There is no way of proving where the models were exactly, its words against words. Dan began marking where his opponent was before movement because of repeated issues earlier in the game but only with one dice, so theItalyguy is claiming they were in a different formation, nearer where he wanted them to land. As Dan asked for the models to be left before getting a ref, a ref decision was reached where the models were moved back a bit to not block a charge. The ruling was that the ref should have been called over before they were moved, as stated by Dan.


Here are some pics from that round also.