Bad Dice Events – All ticket sales on hold.

Bad Dice Events – All ticket sales on hold.

Due to the global spread of COVID-19, and following the general advice from the UK Government and WHO, we have made the decision to postpone the ticket sale dates for the UK Masters and Blood and Glory.

We currently have no intention of cancelling or postponing these events, but feel that it would be irresponsible of us to sell tickets at a time when all the advice is to avoid gatherings and events.

Blood and Glory

Blood and Glory takes place in Nottingham on 9/10/11th October 2020 so there is plenty of time available to allow ticket saes to be pushed back.

The new ticket sales date for Blood and Glory 2020 will be Sunday 10th May. 

A full 5 months before the event and more than enough time for planning your trip.

If you wish to start your planning now, full details for the event can be found at including hotel location and travel planning guides.

UK Masters

The UK Masters Knockout and Singles is held in Derby on 11/12th July 2020.

Tickets will go on sale Sunday 3rd May, 10 Weeks prior to the event.

Stay safe out there everyone!

Warhammer Quest App ‘My Hero’ review

I just posted a Warhammer Quest App ‘My Hero’ review over on YouTube.

You can check out the video here.

As you can see from the videos (and the images below) the Warhammer Quest App ‘My Hero’ gives a player everything that they need to play Age of Sigmar characters in Warhammer Quest Silver Tower.

You can purchase the character’s in the app for 79p each or get every character and 9 addition Skill and Treasure cards for £20.


Choose your trial and follow your hero as he fights his way though the twisting labyrinth of the Silver Tower.  Track their dice, collect their Treasure and Skill cards in an easy to read format and note which cards they will keep as they continue their adventure.

10 Hero’s from the bed games and 35 new hero’s, all based on the citadel plastic range.

Having spent an evening playing with the app (and a week now with the game) I can see myself using this whenever I play Warhammer Quest.

Age Of Sigmar Unboxing


I am really happy to be able to share this unboxing with you all.  The very nice chaps at Games Workshop (Thanks Paul, I owe you a massive jar of Bugmans XXXX)  sent me a copy of the awesome Age of Sigmar box set.

I will have more information later in the week when I am back from my stag do weekend away, I will be putting out a new episode to talk about the contents and give my thoughts on the rules.  but for now, enjoy the photos!