Warhammer Weekly YouTube show – SE 070

Warhammer Weekly YouTube show – SE 070

Warhammer Weekly – Snake Eyes Episode 070

I was asked to be a guest on the Warhammer Weekly YouTube episode.

The show covers all the Warhammer Quest Silver Tower news that has been released this week along with me chatting about the Genearls Handbook and the day I spent at Games Workshop.

It was a really fun show to record, Vince and Tom were great to hang out with.

Get the episode here or check out the live stream over at Vince’s YouTube channel.

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Snake Eyes – WWCD Khaine

On this episode I talk about my spare player list for the masters and for the Sheffield Slaughter.

Malekith, the Eternity King 1,000
Lothern Sea Helm: Banner of the World Dragon; Battle Standard 175
Sorceress: Dispel Scroll; Lore of Dark Magic; Dark Steed 115
5 Dark Riders: shields; repeater crossbows; standard bearer 110
38 Black Ark Corsairs: repeater handbows; Reaver; musician; standard bearer 448
9 Doomfire Warlocks 225
5 Doomfire Warlocks 125

2,198 points