BDD 132 – Top 5 New Zealand Masters Lists

New Zealand Masters

Top 5 New Zealand Masters Lists

Today I am talking about the New Zealand Masters.  I’ll have a run down of the rulespack and give my top 5 lists at the tournament.

Just to be clear, I have not idea about the final ranking places going into this event, who are the favourites or anything about the New Zealand Warhammer Communits other than having met a few of the guys at the ETC and the ones who have travelled to the UK and having spoken on email and twitter to some of the players.  I’m basing my top 5 on lists alone having reviewed the lists and read the rules pack.

So first I’ll cover the rules pack.

Its 6 games of Warhammer at 2400 points.  the Scoring system is 20-0 with staggered bandings, starting at 100 point increments and varying as it goes up.  Battle points account for 60% of the overall score. The remaining 40% is governed by sportsmanship.  5 points are avaliable per game.  you mark your player 0, 3 or 5.  5 being a generally good game, this is the score for an average game.  3 is giving for shenanigans, and 0 for a complete disadte.

The Scenarios are all 6 from the rulebook.  The composition system being used looks to be the 2012 South Coast GT rules pack but I did not check for an exact match.

Lets get onto the lists;

5.  Orcs and Goblins.

Big Savage Orcs, Big Trolls.  2 Warbosses. Its still go the Doom Diver and a Stone thrower and also has a bunch of chariots.  It should go well against the Empire,

4. Vampire Counts

This Vampire list is an odd one but even with a small knight unit I think it has the potential for a few big wins and to play tight and take what points it can in the tougher games.  There is not a huge amount of armies that can deal with the lord so his is going to have a field day in some games.

3. Empire

This is a solid Empire list, everything about it says that its going to be hard to get points from the list other than the fact that I think the player may have misjudged his competition when he decided to go for metal magic.  If he brought Light (or even Fire) on the lv4 I woulld say it was the best list at the Tournament, but i’m not sure it has enough in the list to beat the Deamons and Skaven.

2. Deamons of Chaos

I like this Deamon list, especially in the  light of what the other players have brought.  This player clearly expected to face Ogres and Empire with the Balesword Great Unclean one and Metal Master of Sorcery.  The Screaming Bell Skaven will still destroy this list without breaking sweat but everything else will have a lot of problems.

1. Skaven.

It looks like a Ben Johnson Screaming Bell build before he dropped the gutter runners for the Assassins.  In this environment the Bell has little to fear from the rest of the field other than possibly the empire with 2 cannons, even then 18 gutter runners, a cannon, and a storm banner should  see it through.  Even if that game goes badly, I think that over the 6 games this Skaven list will pick up more big wins than the Empire.


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