BDD 152 – Top 5 Christmas Hobby Wishlist

Top 5 Christmas Hobby Wishlist

My Top 5 Christmas Hobby Wishlist is the subject of todays episode.  I talk about the 5 things that I want to do and get this christmas.

  • 5 – Time to do some painting.  First on this list is time to paint my army.  I have neglected my army for far too long and want to really get on top of the Chaos Dwarfs and make some progress on them over christmas.
  • 4 – Gaming Sessions.  I want to have some gaming sessions over christmas.  I want to play with my Chaos Dwarfs and also try to get some other game systems on the table and maybe even try out Magic The Gathering.
  • 3 – New Paint Brushes – I’m going to treat myself this christmas and pick up some new paint brushes.  I’ll do a brushes review show in the new year and go into it in more depth, but the brushes I will buy are Winsor and Newton Series 7 and a couple of generic large ones for mixing and washing.
  • 2 – A Webcam for the Podcast.  I’d like to do some video in the new year so I have asked for a HD Webcam for Christmas so I hope that Santa brings me one and I can get moving with some Bad Dice video content.
  • 1 – My Warhammer Mojo Back!  This year I have not been in my finest of forms on the tabletop.  I have a ton of excuses though so its all good!  For Christmas I want to get my Mojo back (Yeah Baby!) and return to winning ways in 2013.


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I’d love to hear about your Top 5 Christmas Hobby Wishlist’s and I look forwards to hearing what you have to say!


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