BDD 153 – Horus Heresy Update with Marcoos

Horus Heresy Update

Horus Heresy Update with Marcoos

Its Whimsical Wednesday and I head off the Warhammer Piste and talk to Marcus and get the latest Horus Heresy Updates.

On this episode we;

  • Draw the winner of the Horus Rising contest
  • Talk about the Advernt Calander short Audio Dramas
  • Preview the Bretrayer by Aaron Demski Bowden and talk about how he is a rising star of the Heresy authors
  • Talk about The Primarchs Discovery Order Blog post from Marcus.

I listened to the latest Garro – Sword of Truth Audio Drama this week and Marcus delves into some of the details that I missed in this story line.

we finish up by talking about what we can expect from the Heresy in the coming months, and the main one that interests us is the Unremembered Empire by Dan Abnett.  The artwork has been release over the last few weeks and is just stunning (click the image for a large version)

Unremembered Empire


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