BDD 163 – Tournament Soft Scores

soft scores

Tournament Soft Scores

In this episode I talk about the things I have learned about Soft Scores from the Masters weekend.

I address the areas that I found were the biggest problems at the event

  • Painting
  • List Submission
  • Sportsmanship
  • Time Keeping

I have a number of ideas that I will be including in the rulespack for the 2013 Masters and I have a year to tweek them until they are perfect.  I wanted to take the chance to air these issues so the community can help with the creation of that rules pack.

My goal for the Masters is for it to be ‘Exhibition Warhammer’ and for that to happen I need to accurate and strict with the scoring in the rules pack.

To further discuss this I have started a thread on the Bad Dice Forums


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This weeks recommendation was Dodger by Terry Pratchett

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