BDD 166 – How To Paint Ethereal, Balefire and Rust

How To Paint Ethereal, Balefire and Rust

Todays daily show is something slightly different with David Witek from Garagehammer presenting an episode on How To Paint Ethereals, Balefire and Rust.

I have been suffering with the dreaded Manflu and have totally lost my voice.  I put a call out for other podcasters to record a segment that I would play this week and the first of these is todays show.

David Witek from the Garagehammer Podcast hosts todays episode.  The subject is How To Paint Ethereal, Balefire and Rust.

David goes into detail on the method he uses for painting Ethereals.  He talks about the colours he uses and how they are applied.

Here are some pictures of the techniques and models mentioned in the episode.

I want to say a huge thanks to David for helping out with this episode, you can catch up with him on Twitter or over at


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