BDD 181 – Army List Design for Comp

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Army List Design For Comp

In this episode I talk about army list design and how different comp systems effect what I can bring.  I have been writing Dark Elves lists recently and all the events I am doing have different comp requirements.  Sheffield Slaughter, The Serbian Sauerkraut Team Event (using ETC Comp) The Merseyside Meltdown, Throne of Skulls and Adepticon.

No 2 are the same and each event has its own pros and cons for different builds.
I talk about how I made changes to my Dark Elf list based on each event and the reasons for those changes, and also what I have planned when it comes to the 2 no comp events on the horizon.


Episode 180 – WWCD Warriros of Chaos had a couple of errors, I said that my BSB would take should feeder but its only 1 per list.  I also said he had 2 wounds, but he gets 3 due to being Monstrous Cav.


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