BDD 194 – Merseyside Meltdown Preview

Merseyside Meltdown Preview

Tournament Organiser Marcus Pitt joins me today to talk about some of the lists at the Merseyside Meltdown Event this weekend.

We have a chat about some of this lists that are being used, the trends from the first outing of the Warriors of Chaos and any noticeable shifts in the meta game brought on by this new army release.

We also cover the comp rules in play at the Meltdown and how this has effected army lists.


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One thought on “BDD 194 – Merseyside Meltdown Preview

  • February 28, 2013 at 22:29

    The right O&G list could have field day at this tourney. 1 third of the lists are ogres and WOC which Orcs have all the tools to deal with. Plus most of the other lists will be packing stuff to take out armour saves which really won’t worry the orcs overly. Just a shame there aren’t many people pushing them at the moment.

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