BDD 196 – Tournament Round Up


Tournament Round Up

Today I talk about the results from a double UK Tournament weekend.

First up is A Gathering Of Might at the Northwest Gaming Center.

Winners are :

1. Nigel chorlton (chaos dwarfs)
2. Andrew Hughes (dwarfs)
3. Ed Stevenson (dwarfs)

Best Painted: James Clark
Most sporting: Michael rocco
(Who wins the Warrior Drinking Horn at next AGOM)

Full details will go up on the website.

Then a short distance away in Liverpool was the Merseyside Meltdown.  This event was won by Fat Craig Johnson with the final outing for the old Daemons of Chaos army.  2nd Place in its first appereance is Kev Weaver with Warriors of Chaos and 3rd plce is Joe McGough with Ogre Kingdoms.

Kev’s Warriors list was:

  • Daemon Prince, Scaled Skin; Soul Feeder; Charmed Shield; Dragonbane Gem; Biting Blade; Chaos Armour; Mark Of Nurgle.
  • Daemon Prince, Daemonic Flight; Mark Of Nurgle.
  • Exalted Hero, Talisman Of Preservation; Enchanted Shield; Third Eye Of Tzeentch; Disc of Tzeentch; flail; Mark of Tzeentch; Battle Standard.
  • Chaos Sorcerer, Dispel Scroll; Lore of Fire.
  • 18 Chaos Warriors, Champion; Musician; shield; additional hand weapon; Mark of Nurgle.
  • Chaos Chariot, Mark of Khorne.
  • Chaos Chariot, Mark of Khorne.
  • Chimera, Flaming Breath; Regenerating Flesh.
  • 4 Skullcrushers Of Khorne, Ensorcelled Blades.
  • 3 Skullcrushers Of Khorne, Ensorcelled Blades.


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