BDD 201 – How To Paint Fire

How to paint fire

How To Paint Fire

Today I talk about how to paint fire.

I have been painting a Hellcannon so have been looking at different ways to paint fire.  There seems to be 2 main methods to follow and I talk about both of them in this episode.

Method 1 – You start from a darker base like a red of brown and work up to a yellow or even white on the tips of the flames.

Method 2 – This is the more realistic effect but is harder to get it looking good.  Its the opposite way around with the lightest colour being closest to the centre of the fire and getting darker as it works its way to the tips.

You can see some of the techniques I talk about on this website –

My Hellcannon is still work in progress but i’m happy with how it is looking so far.

how to paint fire

how to paint fire


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