BDD 203 – Dealing with Chariots


Dealing With Chariots

In this episode I will talk about some of the ways that different armies can deal with chariots.

Yesterday I talked about some of the best chariots in the game and recent army releases have seen a resurgence in the use of chariots.  I talk about each army and how they can play against chariots.  I did this in a previous episode where I addressed each race and talked about their options.  Last time it was well received so I will do the same with chariots.

Beastmen can use big blocks and soaking up casualties, Dark Elves have Pendant wearing Pegasus Riders and Ogres do what they always do and use Ironblasters, these are just some of the tips I give in this episode.

I offer up a different piece of advice for each race and try to not repeat any tips where possible.


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