BDD 208 – Thunderers or Quarrellers

thunderers or quarrellers

Thunderers or Quarrellers

Today I compare the differences between Thunderers or Quarrellers in a dwarf army.

I look at each unit and list the pros and cons.  Both have their advantages and can be used in different situations.  There are lots of factors that can be compared including upgrades, equipment options and points values.

Different unit sizes can also factor in to which type you would decide to go with.  Larger units can really benifit from access to great weapons, but a unit of 20 Thunderers are very scray to try and close down.

Thunderers are great at pure stopping power in the shooting phase, but Quarrellers have the flexibility or extra range, the option to take Great Weapons and also the fact that they can be upgraded to be rangers.  the thunderers are quite expensive too.

Overall it is a tough choice between Thunderers or Quarrellers in a dwarf army and each individual Dwarf army list will have reasons to include, or discount the 2 options.


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