BDD 209 – Warhammer Buildings

Warhammer Buildings

Warhammer Buildings

Following on from a lot of questions at the Throne of Skulls I take a look at the rules for Warhammer Buildings .

Buildings often throw up some odd situations so I go over the rules and give a commentary on each section of them.  I talk about the ways that the rules work and how they can impact the games, as well as things that you should watch out for when interacting with buildings.

Some of the often misplayed sections that I cover are;

  • Garrisoning a building, including what can and can’t enter a bulding
  • Charging a building and maximising to it
  • Shooting, especially with template and War Macines
  • Combat and combat resolution
  • The Building FAQ’s

If there is anything else you need to know you can get in touch and I will cover it in a future episode


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