BDD 210 – The Chaos War Mammoth

chaos war mammoth

Chaos War Mammoth

Today I am looking at the chaos War Mammoth in all its glory.

In a tribute to the Warhamer Achivements Event that is coming up in a couple of months time, I have a review of the Mammoths rules and give some tips on both using it, and also facing it in the game.

It comes in at 500 points and £240 from forge world.  Full rules can be found in the storm of magic book.

It really is the king of monsters with it’s 10 wounds and the ability to thunderstomp almost everything in the game apart from the occasional other huge monster.  It can put out an obscene amount of damage and is really hard to bring down in combat.

In this episode I talk about some of the ways to beat it.


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Date – 4/5 May
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