BDD 212 – Greatest Day In Warhammer

warhammer birthday

Greatest Day In Warhammer

Today I have fellow Warhammer Brithday Boy, Chris Tomlin on the show to talk about the Warriors and Daemons of Chaos armies that were taking part in the Dragons Lair SCGT Warm-Up event at the weekend.

Chris was playing a variation of the list I talked about in my WWCD Warriors of Chaos episode.

We also talk about

  • the changes Chris is considering for his list
  • the other warriros armies at the event
  • Death vs Nurgle magic
  • Daemons of Chaos armies
  • The joys of Plague Drones

You can get more in-depth discussion about this event on the next episode of The Black Sun Podcast and catch Chris on Twitter @the_black_sun


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