BDD 215 – Random Daemon musings and Council of War

Random Daemon musings and Council of War

In this episode I talk about the Daemons of Chaos and the new event from Games Workshop, Council of War

I have recently been spending some time chatting on the Daemonic Legion Forums.  While dodging the flak that was sent my way in hatred of the new book I also had the chance to pick up some interesting info that I have not seen discussed on other forums.

Daemons and Magic Weapons

Reign of Chaos probabilities

Council of War

Council of War is the latest event from games workshop.  Its a team event with 4 players per team. I talk about the rules pack on the show


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Episode Sponsor

Call To War.

Call to War is a event in the UK run by Will Goodwin.  Here are the details:

Date – 4/5 May
Venue – Maunsfeld Gaming
Size – 120 players
Unique Players Pack
6 Games
Live Draw on Bad Dice TV
Will be submited to Rankings HQ
Ticket Price – £30 includes lunch each day
Full Details at
ETC Comp
Last year was 102 Players
Attracts international players

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