BDD 216 – New High Elves Spotted + White Dwarf 400

Over the weekend there has been a picture of some new High Elves models doing the round on the forums. The image was posted to the Games Workshop Denver Facebook page on Friday but had been taken down less than 12 hours later. As this is 2013 nothing like that goes unnoticed so it is now up on every blog and forum across the internet!.

new high elves

If you want to see the blog that I mentioned during the episode you can check it out HERE

You can also go to Warseer and for more rumour discussions.

Also spotted in the April White Dwarf are a bunch of new models from the Warhammer Forge Range.

The Bull Centaur Taur’ruk, The Merwyrm and also more of the Black Fire Pass Models, the Squig Gobber

White Dwarf 400 was released on Saturday and I urge anyone who has not already done so to check out the trailer for the 40K Tau Empire release. As you can see below it looks like a full on Hollywood Blockbuster movie trailer


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