BDD 222 – Top 5 All Mounted Armies

Top 5 All Mounted Armies

On todays show I talk about my top 5 all mounted armies.

5 – Warriors of Chaos

How can an all mounted list not include the Warriors.  With Dogs, Chariots and Marauder Horsemen in the core section, more chariots, Dragon Ogres, Knights and fast cav in special and the Skullcrushers in rare, the warriors are a list that can bring a mounted counter to most opponents.  Their characters have plenty of choice too from Dragons to Discs and to top if off is the flying beasties that they can bring.

4 – Dark Elves

With only a few options the Dark Elves are perhaps and odd addition to this list, but they get in on the strength of their flexibility in the character area.  They have access to Dragons, Manticores, Pegasus, Chariots, Cold Ones and Steeds.  The Druchii can pull off a mobile guerrilla force with plenty of magic and shooting as easy as they can go all out attack.

3 – Tomb Kings

The Khemri can make a real fun mounted force.  Chariots, War Sphinx, Necropolis Knights and Horse Archers fill up the list, character have plently of options too.  Settra, Arkan the Black on a flying Chariot and thats without mentioning kings and princes.

2 – Empire

This list comes in at around 1900-2000 points for troops and command, it leaves some points for characters, or you can drop some units to get even more characters in there.

  • 6 Knightly Orders,
  • 6 Knightly Orders
  • 12 Inner Circle Knights,Full Command
  • 5 Pistoliers,
  • 5 Pistoliers,
  • 5 Outriders,
  • 5 Outriders,
  • 5 Reiksguard Knights,
  • 3 Inner Circle Knights,
  • 3 Inner Circle Knights,
  • 1 Steam Tank,
  • 1 Luminark of Hysh,
  • 1 Celestial Hurricanum,

1 – Orcs and Goblins

The all mounted Orc and Goblin army has a load of options!  You can do all goblins with chariots, spiders and wolves or throw some orcs in for good measure.  The Orc and Goblin’s have access to 6 different mounted special characters and 21 different mounted Lord and Hero options without a duplicate!

The rest of the list is full of flavour too and it is for this reason that Orcs iz Da Best!


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