BDD 226 – SCGT 2013 Results

SCGT 2013 Results

The SCGT 2013 results are in and it has been won by Andi Avery with Orcs and Goblins!

Andy did not take the usual Orc and Goblin list, instead he was running a large goblin block backed up by a lot of characters.

  • Black Orc warboss,
  • level 4 goblin,
  • 2x level 2 Orc shamans,
  • goblin bunker poison banner on bsb
  • 3x goblin heroes with gw.
  • 99 night goblins, nets bows fc,
  • 8 trolls,
  • 2x wolf spear shield muso,
  • 2 manglers,
  • 2 doom divers,
  • 2 rock lobbas,

The top 3 overall went to:

  1. Andi Avery – Orcs and Goblins
  2. Guido Gerboth – Warriors of Chaos
  3. Sharul Azmi – Skaven

Best painted top 3 went out to:

  1. Joe Rogers – Daemons
  2. Steve Wren – Empire
  3. Johnny Hastings – Beastmen

The coverage from the event was all done by Gareth from the Bad Dice crew.  Thanks go out to Dan from Heelanhammer for getting him over to do this as without him on board there would have been much less info for those watching at home.

You can check out all the videos on The Bad Dice Podcast YouTube Channel and I have added a few of them below.


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