BDD 234 – Adepticon Championships Feedback


AdeptiCon Championships Feedback

After all the talk on the forums and social networks this week about the post Adepticon fallout I thought I would put out my feedback as a podcast episode.

I give my thoughts on the rulespack, scoring and sportsmanship issues from the events and also some ideas that I have had to take the event forwards.

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2 thoughts on “BDD 234 – Adepticon Championships Feedback

  • April 26, 2013 at 02:51

    First off great daily Ben, i like most people who follow your show was very interested to see how you and mark and lets not forget the warhammer power house Gareth got on at adepticon, needless to say i was surprised at your result, in particular the sports score, now at this point i should say that I’ve never played against you but i’m assuming you not a donut, you come across over the Internet as a like able person and i don’t think the amount of guests you have on the show a lot of them being TO themselves would come on if you were a a self centered idiot on the table.
    I think you were unfairly hit on your sports score because of your list not your attitude, i no you covered this on the this daily show very  diplomatically as well, any way i think you should have got a top three place, the list you had shouldn’t come into play that was mentioned in the scoring with regrads to sports scoring.
    Well done, well played everyone, glad you guys had a great time.

  • April 29, 2013 at 21:47

    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for leaving a comment. I’m not sweating my sports score too much. I misjudged the No Comp vs Powerlevel of the event. In the UK no comp means you can (and do) go nuts. In the US, or at least at AdeptiCon, there is a good amount of self moderation of the power level of the lists. I’m not going to let that cloud my enjoyment of the event.

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