BDD 237 – Top 5 AdeptiCon Experiences


Top 5 AdeptiCon Experiences

AdeptiCon finished well over a week ago and I’m still buzzing from the whole event. In this episode I talk about the Top 5 Experiences at AdeptiCon that I want to pass on to anyone who might be interested in attending in future years.

I hope you can take something from my Adepticon experiences and have them inspire you to do similar awesome things in your hobby.

5. Crystal Brush

The level of painting in the crystal brush was just amazing. Period. But it was not only the high end entries that had me inspired. The cabinets were filled with models from all ranges of quality from the eye watering incredible to the down right bad. I really enjoyed the whole set up and the inclusion of all qualities.

4. Exposure To New Games

My name is Ben and I am a Warhammer Fanboy. Its true. I mainly play at tournament or at Warhammer World and do not often take part in other games. I had loads of chances to look at other games being played, get demos if I wanted, see new models and manufacturers of hobby related products.

3. Warhammer US Style

No Comp, lots of scenarios. The silly rock hard no comp UK lists were nowhere to be seen, held at bay by the soft scores in both sports and painting. If you set out to win Adepticon then you need to have an army painted to a good standard and it be well presented. for the most part this eradicated the things like Vampire Counts using ogres as Crypt Horrors and Griffons as Terrorghiests or other armies bringing mismatched and un finished units and still playing like they want to win the event.

2. The ‘Con’ Experience

At AdeptiCon I could have played all day and night if I wanted. Round the clock there was things to do, places to hang out and generally loads going on. I loved this.

1. The Community

The main thing that I would take away from this event is the amount of new people I met and had the opportunity to hang out with. Anyone on the fence about competitive warhammer and unsure of attending an event should take this as an example of why they should jump right in. Granted, as a podcaster I was well known and had lots of people to talk to, but you can very easily arrange to meet people at the event and make tons of new friends!


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