Daily Episode 30 – What Would Curry Do, Wood Elves

Daily Episode 30 – What Would Curry Do, Wood Elves

I talk about what I would take in a Wood Elves list.  I’m actually quite excited about this list and think it could go very well in the current meta of small deathstar armies and few flying monsters.

The list is;

Spellweaver, Level 4; Dispel Scroll; Lore of Beasts

Wood Elf Noble; Battle Standard Bearer, Asyendi’s Bane, Hail of Doom Arrow

3x 10 Glade Guard, Musician

3x 8 Dryads

5 Glade Riders

2x 3 Warhawk Riders

3x 5 Wild Riders of Kurnous

7 Wardancers, Musician

5 Wardancers, Musician

2x 5 Waywatchers

2x Great Eagle



  1. […] The ETC lists have been publish today and 1 of them imediatly jumped out at me.  Step forwards one Shane Baxter of Team Northern Ireland.  He is using an MSU Beastmen list that I really liked the look of and I thing would play an awesome battle against he recent MSU Wood Elves army I covered in episode 30. […]