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Daily Episode 55 – What Would Curry Do – New Daemons army list

I write a New Daemons army list using the new units.  The list I went for was Slaanesh themed and tried to stick to the theme but still be competitive.

Keeper of Secrets, Siren Song, Torment Blade, Soul Hunger (or Ether Blade)

Herald of Slaanesh BSB with Greater Icon of Despair, Siren Song, Torment Blade

Herald of Slaanesh, Enrapturing Gaze, Exalted Seeker Chariot

38 Daemonettes, Full Command, Siren Standard,

20 Daemonettes, Full Command

3 Seeker Chariots of Slaanesh

2 Exalted Seeker Chariots


The 2nd list that I started to draft was a Bloodthirster backed up by 2 Soul Grinders, I would be interested in some feedback on both these lists.



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