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Daily Episode 58 – Common Magic Items

Today’s topic was suggested by Big_Stuntie from the Bad Dice fourms.
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What are the best common magic items in each section
Weapon – Sword of Anti-Heroes – 30 Points.  The bearer has +1 Strength and +1 Attack for every enemy characters in base to base contact with him or his unit.
Armour – Tricksters Helm – 50 points – The wearer counts his armour save as being one point higher than normal. Any successful roll to wound made against the wearer of the Tricksters Helm must be rerolled.
Talismans – Dawnstone – 25 points – The bearer re-rolls failed armour saves
Magic Standards – Standard of Discipline – 15 points – Models in a unit with the Standard of Discipline have +1 Leadership but can’t use the Generals Inspiring Presence special rule
Arcane Items – Feedback Scroll – 50 points – One use only, When and enemy spell has been cast, a wizard who has the feedback scroll can read it instead of attempting to dispel the spell.  The spell is cast as normal, but after the spell has been resolved, roll a dice for every dice used to cast the spell.  The casting wizard takes a wound for every result of a 5+ rolled, with no armour saves allowed.
Enchanted Items – Crown of Command – 35 points – The bearer of the crown of command has the stubborn special rule.
Thats my rundown of what I think are the best items in each section.  I would love to hear what you guys think, so please leave some feedback in the episode thread on the Bad Dice forums.
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