Day Three Match Ups.

The match ups for game five, are as follows.


Team England v Austria

Empire v Empire

Lizards v Brets

Dark Elves v Dark Elves

Tk v Lizards

Ogres v C.D

Skaven v Dwarfs.

Daemons v V.C.


Team Scotland v Wales

Dark elves v ogres

Dwarfs v Empire

Empire v Brets

High Elves v Daemons.

Lizards v High Elves

Ogres v dark Elves

Skaven v T.K

W.o.c v W.o.c


Team Northern Ireland v Canda

High Elves v dark elves

Woc v High elves.

Ogres v VC

Daemons v Woc

Brets v skaven

Tk v orcs

Ogres v lizards

Empire v daemons.


Team R Ireland v Singapore

High elves v lizards

Ogres v Daemons.

Daemns v Skaven

Empire v Orcs


Orcs v CD

Woc v Ogres



Things got off to a good start and below are some pictures of early deployment and moves. The second bout of pictures, is of the games, with a hour to go.


Does a picture

tell a thousand stories???

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