ETC 2012 Round One matchup’s

Hey guys and gals.

So the ETC has officially started. And off to a good star is it. The Aussie team andEnglandteam arrived late, but purley by accident and got a telling off. Due to this, they ended up playing each other. Which made it a nice and friendly but as they had played ‘The Ashed’ the night before it was a shame… but fun was had.

For the first 30 mins of each round the teams barter for individual match up of armies. They take it in turn to select an army and the opposing side gives them a couple of options of who they want to defend their stake with. This is sometimes a tactic so that match up are forced in a certain way (for either side) but it can also be about who could smash the other. It takes quite a long time to perform this operating with a lot of debating between the teams, the captains and each other. But it felt like a political affair as its taken deadly serious. But once the match ups have be set, the games can begin…and sometimes teams don’t always get the pairing their want / need for a victory. And so the captain sometimes works out an estimated score for the games, to try and pre-empt the final outcome…remember this is s TEAM game and so the full result is taken into consideration.  And, bizarrely enough, sometimes the objective is NOT to win. It’s all tic tacs.

The match ups are as follows.

TeamEngland v Australia.

The English Ogres were ‘matched’ up against the Aussie Daemons.

Lizards against Empire

Dark Elves against Wood Elves.

Daemons against  Wood Elves

Empire against vampire counts

Tomb Kings against Ogres.

Skaven v skaven.

Vampire Counts against Bretonians.


TeamScotland v Bulgaria

Warriors Of Chaos v Beasts.

Lizards v Warriors of Chaos

Dark Elves v Vampire Counts

Empire v High Elves

Skaven v Orks and Goblins

Ogres  v Skaven

Dwarfs v Dwarfs


TeamWales v Poland

Brets v Empire

V.C v Daemons

Lizards v Warriors

Skaven v Brets

Warriors v High Elves

Chaos Dwarfs v Ogres

Ogres v Tomb Kings

Dark Elves v Dark Elves.


Team R Ireland v Czech

Orks v Lizards

Warriors v Dwarves.

Ogres v Deamons

Deamons v High Elves

C.D v Skaven

Empire v .V.C

Skaven v Warriors.


So far there seems to be relaxed atmosphere here, no real issue. A few rule queries, but some of the refs seem confused, buts that’s life. But each round is 3.5 hours long. Looooong games and people play up to last minute. 2400 points and UNcomped. Language issues are kept to a minimum but I can see it could be stressful to fully articulate, especially when booze is involved.

Hot Boy Count: good to excellent. Pleanty of slim gamers with hot bodies. Especially the Sweeds, Norwary and someother Eurpo counry.

Gamer stench: low. Team shirts worn for first day and doors wide open. Its great and fresh at the moment.

Food: Not free and not that cheap, nether is water. Maccy D’s is close by BUT their milkshakes are not the same as theUk.

Alcohol: It looks like a room full of hobo’s. Law here says you can’t drink on a school premise, so you have to wrap up the booze, so the world cannot see it. Though the Aussies have a very stylish holder crafted…. Maybe the Irish should follow suite

So it’s lunch time…i’m chilled and would like to be baking.  But will go the tables sides soon to get some updates. But please give us feedback and let us know what you want to know from over here.

G, over and out


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