ETC Day 2

ETC Day Two.


Good morning geeks.


So it’s day two of the event and many teams are worse for wear, as many went out drinking, but that is the fun of the tourney.  It is really quite evident the countries that take this very seriously and those that are here for fun.

Generally great fun is being had by all and there are no major issue. MOST of the Polish organisers are nice and talkative but one, in specific, has an air of ‘I have too much importance’. I personally don’t feel it necessary to be overtly stern, sarcastic and down right rude to people, no matter the language barrier. But then that is something I value in life. But most are really awesome and are looking after this warhammer princess.


Lots of the gang here wish that food was included in the ticket price, like most of theUKones. It is a shame as it’s generally an expensive event with flying, hotels, hookers and booze. But then, they may have different priorities here. I have heard that they got the hall for free, which means the ticket prices for the 600+ entrants (3 game systems) must be going somewhere. Answers on a post card, maybe that’s a Gareth’s Query Corner question.


While I’m on my rant about the event, I should add that NO ARMIES COULD BE LEFT ON THE TABLES AT NIGHT. And I have written that in shouty language, as that is how it was communicated. All good fun though. But I do like the little stickers on each table which shows you the exact measurements of the scenery. I think this is an important touch as it always gets moved after games, (by mistake and sometimes by purpose). At least this makes it fair and equal. And that is what is emphasised here, making the ETC about skill, cunning and general playing abilities. Luck does play a massive part, but so do the match ups.


The ‘match up’ 30 mins, does seem like a tense process, with captains and teams really debating what should be so, what results they want  and how they want the pairings to translate. Far too complex for me, but that strategic planning starts the night before, with the lists being consulted like a bible. Some teams, however seem to be tossing the players together in the hope it works…most seem to put a massive effort into it.


But once this has done, games then start. Three long hours. The sweat begins to form…and so does the gamer stench. That’s geeks for ya.


I met up with one of the head refs and he said that there are no real issues in terms of the rules. Heard that a chair got kicked over when one queen had a paddy yesterday but generally the girls are playing with their dolls nicely. And that is good, but are they all on their best behaviour until the final games. Is that when we see the true colours of the nations. We shall see.


Whilst talking results, I must take a moment to talk about ‘shuffling’. Apparently it was voted FOR, as an acceptable deployment/ movement trait.  I am no so sure as it seems like cheating to me, as if you move so much and then re move and re move again you can confuse your opponent, but then maybe that it is the point.  I’ve seen it and those really focused can see if its taking the piss, but if it’s a rule what can you do. I’ve also seem a bit of over measuring. Naughty, getting those extra inches I important, but there is a limit, me thinks. But there are plenty of gobby lads here to question this. But remember English is mostly the second and third language for most…it’s sometimes hard to get ya point across. But world, remember when GW is from. We should know the rules.


Really does feel like the Euro vision song contest too.  Many I’d give nill point too, but a few I would give then 1. mmmmmm. Oh and I should add that the Bad Dice fame does translate acorss the pond,  ive been approached many times, which is awesome and people know who I am. Have to say, I do love it, but why am I not this well know in my own industry, theatre. Darn it.


The next post talks about the match ups, so I’ll just tell you about last night. A load of the Brits and Kanagroos met up a hotel for drinks and stories of encounters, I got groped (again) by woody, made more cup cakes and had a laugh. Generally we went to bet at midnight, but I know lots of teams that saw 3am, 4am even 5am. Tut tut. That’s the scene but are you really focused on the game then?


But today seems like it’s off to a great start. I keep getting talked at in weird languages as people think I’m official. I just point, show my ankles and they leave. But here’s to a good, geeky day and to have a suck on my ‘camel balls’, a polish sweet given to me by a gamer. Think I’m being groomed.


Stand ins.  Quite a few times I’ve seen dudes step in for others when they go to the loo. Not to play but to ‘watch the army’.  Me being naive, would say why?  But I understand at this level, its imperative. I’ve learn that people do move things and try to get ahead. It’s like a proper sport here; focus, sweat, tic tats and fighting talk. How very butch.


Gamer stench: medium +.  The manliness has been teamed up with beer sweat, so we are thankful of the massive fans.


Hot boy count: Good. Though not as good as yesterday, id prefer tops of, especially the blondies. There are a few, but I question their age and whether they are autistic. A guy with nice muscles fromMaltathat seems to trott along the floor. Maybe it’s a European thing. But most of the twelve year old look alive, smoke.  Generally, I think I’m the only gay in the village, but I’m not sure…again maybe a Euro thing.

Food: No had any other than my cupcakes.

Alcohol: It’s tood early to drink. NOPE….many of the teams have started.  Mentioning no names…R Ireland.

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