ETC DAY TWO game four.

Hey guys and gals.

So lunch is done and the games we straight in, no time to breathe and take a pee. Personally I feel it’s a bit too quick as some people were only just finished before a brief lunch.  But that’s the way it rolls out here. There was an awefull of talking about the


The match ups are as follows.


Team England v Poland

Ogres v Lizards

Skaven v Skaven

Daemons v Ogres

Empire v W.o.c

V.C v CD

Tomb kings V dark Elves

Dark Elves v V.C

Lizards V Brets



Team Scotland v Sweden

Warriors v Skaven

Lizards v V.C

Dark Elves  Lizards

Dwarfs v Dwarfs

Empire v W.o.c

Skaven v empire

High Elves v Dark Elves

Orks v High Elves

Team Wales v Northern Ireland

Warriors v Tomb Kings

Brets v Empire

Ogres v Beastmen.

Tomb Kings v orcs

Dark Elves v Warriors

Daemons v Daemons

Empire v Ogres

High Elves v High elves


Team R Ireland v Austria

Ogres v Lizards

C.D v Empire

Skaven v Skaven

Empire v Brets

High Elves v c.d

W.O.C v Dark Elves

Daemons v Daemons

Orcs v V.C


Slightly more charged atmosphere now, topless men (the thin ones) as its getting warmer and team captains frantic to make the best matches. It seems like a real weight on their shoulders.

Ben curry, that used Purple Sun to his advantage last game, killed his most expensive model with it this time. That’s back firing for you. The team England have a lot of pressure on them and the moment it looks like two thirds may win or draw and a third loose, but that’s the game. I want them to do well, so come on girls pull it out the bag.  I can only imagine the pressure as there are quite a few spectators sitting around the team. Maybe a put off, but they are going for it.Irelandare hopeful, but will their earlier luck aid them.  I’m not so sure this time, but table three is good.  The head ref just said to me that he feels it may be the first timeEnglandscore under their prediction… I hope not.

The Wealsh seem to be doing really well with some certain wins in the offing andScotlandare so so, but Ron Ing looks set to win. Also the Aussies are climbing back up with draws and wins readying.

So its still fairly relaxed but I am seeing the rule book pop out several times. But I’m also seeing some pants movement trays. Can cardboard really cut it in this event?  Im not sure.

Hot Boy Count: good to fair. Been flirting with the 40k dudes…more 6packs in there.

Gamer stench: medium. But the fab have started so its very breezy.

Food: Had some sausage, no idea what type or how much it was, I just held my hand out with money and they take it. Can’t they use pounds over here.

Alcohol: Hobo city with the cans covered. Love it. I’m sober though…as are teamEngland.



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