Finding and Entering Age of Sigmar Tournaments – Ep 137

Finding and Entering Age of Sigmar Tournaments

Ever wondered how to get into all the top Age of Sigmar Tournaments before they sell out?

In this episode I talk about the best places to hear about Age of Sigmar Tournaments being announced and I also give some tips on staying up to date with events that are coming up in the future.

The 3 main places that I use for events are:

The Warhammer Forum.

Wargame Tournaments Website


All 3 of these websites have very good Age of Sigmar Tournaments listings and are well worth checking out.

The Warlords

Games Workshop have announced a new event at Warhammer World on 10-11th September.  Its a 2 day Matched Play event using all the rules from the Generals Handbook.

I’m really excited for this as it is the first sign of a return to the old Throne of Skulls/GT events that were well known around the world.

Tickets for this event go on sale on July 4th and I hope that everyone tries to attend and show the communities support for this new style of event.


This is the first in a regular series of events that I will be running under the banner of The Grand Alliance Community.

The event will be held on 7th August 2016 at The Grange Banqueting Suites in Derby, UK (this is the Blood and Glory venue)

Alliance is a 1 day, 3 Game event.


The event is limited to 120 places and you can buy tickets in the TGA. Community store.


Rules Pack

A full rules pack will be released closer to the event as we will be using the full rules for Matched Play from the Generals Handbook (IF it is released by then) In the event that this is not on sale by Saturday 30th July we will use the South Coast Grand Tournament full rulespack including army selection, painting and 3 random scenarios.

More information about the rules for the event, including scoring system, painted rules and any other information will be released on Saturday 18th June.


The event is held in Derby at the Grange Banqueting Suites.

The Grange Banqueting Site
457 Burton Road
DE23 6XX

Make a weekend of it?

If you fancy coming to the event but think you might have a long way to travel how about driving up on the saturday afternoon and take in the amazing exhibition hall at Warhammer World, have dinner in Bugmans and play a game or 2 of the fabled Warhammer World tables.

Warhammer World is just 16 miles from the tournament venue.



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