Warhammer Age of Sigmar Tournament Army Lists

Welcome to the Bad Dice Warhammer Age of Sigmar Tournament Army Lists archive.  I created this page to keep an archive of all the army lists that get used at the various events around the world.

As army lists for new events are published and I will add them to the Army List archive. If you are a tournament organiser and want to help out you can send any lists you have to me and I will add them to this page.

If you want to help with gathering army lists you can send them in to me at armylists@baddice.co.uk

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The following events are all Age of Sigmar.  

The Generals Handbook was released in summer 2016 and almost all the events since them use the pitched battle profile points.

Army lists are sent in via tournament organisers after the events and it is safe to assume that any errors found in the lists were rectified on the day at the event.

2018 Events

The top 21 lists from the Adepticon Championships.  Thanks to Alex and Adepticon for sending these over.   160+ players the largest AoS event in the US

The top 16 players from the UK rankings last year.  This is the 10th year the masters has been run and the 3rd for Age of Sigmar.

2017 Events

Possibly the last large AoS event in the UK prior to the release of the Generals Handbook 2017.  Held at Element Games. Won by double Kunnin’ Rukk Bonesplitterz

6 Teams of 8 players face off to become the best Home Nations team.  England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Scandinavia took part.

This is a team event with pairings and comp of no duplicate war scrolls in a team

  • South Coast GT 2017

This was a 200 player event so I split up the files by Alliance to make them easier to read.


The SCGT is the largest single player event in the UK.  200 players for Age of Sigmar in 2017.  Games Workshop were live at the event.  This was the first event for Blades of Khorne and winner was Alex Harrison with Chaos.

Heat 2 had around 70 players and was 5 games using the General’s Handbook.

The event was won by Tomb kings with Sylvaneth and Stormcast in 2nd and 3rd place.

Sheffield Slaughter is the worlds longest running Warhammer Event in its 20th year.  This time saw the first showing of Disciples of Tzeentch and some of the new stormcast rules.

This event was won by Alex Harrison with Order.  Other top lists Were Mark Wildman’s Disciples of Tzeentch and

Heat 1 was the return of the Games Workshop GT series at Warhammer World in Nottingham.  This event had around 100 players and was 5 games using the General’s Handbook.

Craig Namvar won the event with Destruction using a Stonehorn, 2 Thundertusks and Moonclan.  2nd place was Stormcast backed up by Kurnoth Hunters and 3rd place was Bad Dice’s very own Ben Curry with Warrior Brotherhood.

Alliance is a 1 day tournament run by Bad Dice in March 2017. 48 Players and the first event in the world using the full Stormcast Eternals Battletome rules.

Alex who won Sheffield Slaughter also has a strong showing here but the event was won by Tom Fretwell with Sylvaneth.

The UK Masters 2016/17. Held at Warhammer World. All 16 players invited to the event were in attendance for the first time ever!

The last Ride of the Tomb Kings.  Russ Veal is the new masters and his Tomb King list has now been re-pointed and is 30% more expensive!

2016 Events

A small 12 player, 1 day event in the uk. 1500 points. Generals Handbook

This is the UK’s first event using the full Generals Handbook rules.  1 day, 3 games with 50+ players. Run by the Bad Dice team.

Leeds Last Stand is a 1 day event run by Paul Whitehead. 10 Players.

Call to War is run by @WarhammerEvents at the Bristol Independant Gaming center. 38 players

The SCGT is the largest single player event in the UK.  150 players for Age of Sigmar in 2016 when most event are running at less than 40.

The ‘Warpath’ is a South Coast GT warm-up event.

Firestorm Fours is the UK’s first Age Of Sigmar Team event. It ran in Feb 2016 and used the ‘Mo Comp’ pool system.

The Sheffield Slaughter ran a dual system event with Age of Sigmar and 9th Age. It used the ‘Mo Comp’ pool system 1.4.  The Event was won by Ben Johnson with his Stormcast.

The 8th UK Masters was the first one in Age of Sigmar and It ran in Jan 2016 and used the ‘Mo Comp’ pool system 1.3 . Jack Armstrong won the event with Seraphon

Clash of Swords 2015. at Firestorm Games in Cardiff.  The was the first event that used the ‘Mo Comp’ pool system 1

If you have the army lists from other Age of Sigmar events can you send them in to armylists@baddice.co.uk


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The lists below are all Warhammer Fantasy Battles Archived lists.  

The USA Masters. 80 players from across America. Swedish comp.

4 player team event at Firestorm Games in Cardiff. 50% Lords and Heros but not End Times characters.

Sheffield Slaughter in its 17th Year will be know as the year they let Malekeith in an we ended up with 11 Eternity kings in attendance, 2 in the top 3 and Imrik up there too.

The UK Masters 2014/15 was limited comp and included End Times rules and Characters. It used the Sheffield Slaughter rules pack

Clash Of Swords is held at Firestorm Games in Cardiff and is usually open to around 60 players. Awesome support and coverage from Mo Ashraf, TO.

The European Team Championships 2014. Held in Serbia again this time around. Other things you might want to check out are the Table Maps and Terrain Rules and the official ETC website

July 2014 – Previously the Midlands Open. Over 100 players. One of the first large UK events with the new Wood Elves – Results

May 2014 – ETC comp singles event held at the NWGC. 90 players.

April 2014 – The UK’s (and possibly the worlds) largest single player Warhammer event. No hard comp, but a comp score depending on what units were brought.

Feb 2014 – Teams event using Swedish comp and a total capped team comp score

November 2013 – The top 16 players in Australia face off using ‘Swedish Comp’ to determine the Master!

November 2013 – The top players in New Zealand face of with 2400 points no comp army lists

October 2013 (New Dark Elves) 2999 points, No Comp but lots of ‘gentle encouragement’ to take bonkers and fluffy lists

September 2013 – 2400 Points event. One of the ‘big ones’ on the UK scene. around 100 players. Used SCGT 2013 comp system.

September 2013 – 2400 Points. Medium comp.

One of the biggest events in Sweden.  lost of players and all the top players are in attendance.  Uses ETC Comp.

Run by the Terra Nova Gryphons this is one of the top events in the UK. The rulespack encouraged some interesting choices this time around so there are a few lists with ‘sub par’ units.

This event is the Maunsfeld Gaming Team Event. The comp is the ETC 2013 Draft version 1. The teams aspect of the event might also impact the list design

Run by the Dragon Slayers in Sheffield, UK.  Using its own comp system found here – Sheffield Slaughter 2013 Rules Pack v2.0. Has around 80 players.

Held on 23/13th Jan 2012.  This event used the ‘Swedish Comp’ system and had the top 16 players from the 2012 UK Rankings.

The European Team Championships. The comp is often unusual to the vast majority of players but the lists are always impressive. The king of events!


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