Match Ups and game three

So, the match up’s are as follows….



Lizards v Ogres

Ogres v High Elves

Skaven v Daemons

Empire v Dark Elves

Dark Elves v Empire

Tomb Kings v Lizards

V.C v V.C

Daemons v chaos



Dwarfs v empire

Chaos dwarfs v tomb kings

HIgh elves v daemons

Skaven v warriors

Warriors v ogres

Brets v dark elves

V.C v brets

Dark elves v high elves



Dwarfs v dark elves

Ogres v lizards

Skaven v skaven

Empire v daemons

High elves v ogres

Lizards v beasts

Warriors v brets



Orks v lizards

C D v dwarfs

High elvs v high elves.

Empire v v.c

Daemons v empire

Warriors v c.d

Skaven v dark elevs.



So far I have seen a lot of Skaven off’s.  Not sure why this is… are they best playing each other? I’ll keep an eye out on it but I like the idea of similar armies playing, makes it more about skill and dice rather than have un fair advantages.


I thought this was an uncompted even but actually it is quite hard on some armies… to try and get them at a good level. Take a look at the attach picture and judge for yourself.


Ben has just set off Purple Sun, getting his opponent to take off a magma cannon, a hell cannon and several dwarfs. Russ has a comment (s5) in the middle of his deployment and war machines and Jack seems to be ploughing through the ogres. Seems like fun and there is two hours left. I love the heated exchanges between the guys.


A member of team Wales have been issued with a warning for ‘improper communication’ he pointed to a unit no knowing you had to choose the bell or something within. I’m not sure I understand or agree as he is such a nice guy and it was issued by the Polish guy with great communication skills himself.


The Irish seem to be doing ok, considering they are still drunk, but most are in close combat now, so its hinges on the next hour or so. The scotts have a 20-0 will over Dwarves from their dark elves and their high elevs have not seen any casualties at all yet. Where as flaming attacking war machines have hurt the Aussie elves.

I then passed by the Canadians and one is talking of rage quitting due to bad dice rolls. Matt, you need the new Bad Dice Gaystyle ones.



ENGLAND UPDATE: Lots of debate over measuring of furies flying. Possibly they have been inaccurate and moving further than 20 inches. Refs been at that table for quite a while trying to sort it out. There is no way of proving where the models were exactly, its words against words. Dan began marking where his opponent was before movement because of repeated issues earlier in the game but only with one dice, so theItalyguy is claiming they were in a different formation, nearer where he wanted them to land. As Dan asked for the models to be left before getting a ref, a ref decision was reached where the models were moved back a bit to not block a charge. The ruling was that the ref should have been called over before they were moved, as stated by Dan.


Here are some pics from that round also.



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