We are please to announce a new sponsor for the show – The Quartermaster App.

We always try our best to bring in sponsors that not only support our show but also offer a great service to our listeners and the Quartermaster app is exactly that.

Quartermaster is a complete army creation tool for Warhammer Fantasy Battles and Warhammer 40,000™ tabletop games. Use Quartermaster to help create and manage army roster lists for all your favourite armies. No more loose notes and scribbled calculations!

Create and share army templates
Army templates are complete references for every option in your army. Easily author templates right in the app and share them among your friends.

Quartermaster does not include any templates itself for copyright reasons.

Create army lists
Once you have created or imported your army template, pick and choose the units you want in your army and Quartermaster calculates your totals.

Publish and share army lists
Hit the Publish button and Quartermaster produces a clear and easy-to-read reference sheet. Use the published list on your device during games. Email the list to friends, or print it to an AirPrint-capable printer. Generate styled forum code for sharing on discussion forums, or export the army file to send to another Quartermaster device.

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