First off, Thanks for clicking on this page!  We are really happy that you want to support the show.
There are a few really easy ways to help the show.
    • Word of Mouth – Probably the easiest thing you can do.  Tell your friends about us and get them to listen.  If they are stuck in the dark ages burn one or two of our episodes to a disc for them.
    • Leave a positive review on iTunes – Simply go to our iTunes page a leave a review.  The more reviews we get the higher up the listings we go making it easier for new listeners to find us.  While your there you should also Subscribe to the show
    • Become a fan of the show on Facebook – This one is really easy! Everyone has a Facebook page. So our Facebook page and  become a fan.  We post all our comings and going on there including photos from events, random Warhammer musings and updates about the show.  When your listening to the show change your status to ‘Listening to
    • Follow us on Twitter – Similar to facebook we use our Twitter feed to post up random stuff about what we are do.  This is normally used for the stuff that doesn’t really warrant going on facebook.  You can also follow Mark and Gareth on there own accounts
    • Link to – On your website, blog or Forums.  When posting on forums but a link in your signature
    • Sponsor an Episode or Donate to the show – If you want to give your mates, gaming club, Tournament, pet goldfish a shout out you can sponsor and episode for just £10  We will read out you shout out at the start of the show and mention it in the shownotes. Its easy, just hit the Donate button below.

  • Use one of our affiliate programes – You can even help us by going about your day to day lives!  If you were planning on shopping at any of our affiliates you can click the link on here first then carry on as normal.  Make sure you let us know so we can say thanks on the show

Thanks for supporting Bad Dice!

2 thoughts on “Support

  • May 29, 2010 at 13:20

    Hi guys,

    Have asked before, but is there any chance of putting a pause button on the download, or are there other ways of downloading the podcast, because have to start all over again, if I have to go out.



  • May 29, 2010 at 13:32

    Hi mate,

    So i take it you listen to the show on the site? If you used iTunes it has all of that sort of functionality built in, otherwise i don’t think its possible to save your place.

    The media player at the top of the sidebar has a pause button.

    If you right click and ‘save as’ on the direct download button on the episode posts you can save it to your computer and and your default mp3 player should be able to pause too (and probably save progress)

    Hope this helps

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