Warhammer Quest Silver Tower Unboxing – episode 131


Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower Unboxing – ep 131

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the new Warhammer Quest Silver Tower game.  In this episode I unbox the game, mic in hand, and have a first look and play through of the rules.

I talk about the contents of the box as I open it up and also discuss the general game play as I go through the game mechanics.

I took some photos of the game and I have also started painting a few of the models.  Any suggestions on basing would be great.

First impressions of the game are very good!  The quality of the components are excellent, as you would expect, and the miniatures are some of the best so far for Age of Sigmar.

I predict that Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower will be a huge release for games workshop and be a staple of the range for years to come.

Snake Eyes

This week I released a Snake Eyes episodes of the audio for the Warhammer Weekly You Tube show I was a guest on.

You can get this snake Eyes episode by signing up HERE.


If you have anything to say about this episode feel free to let me know by leaving a comment below or sending an email to bencurry@baddice.co.uk.

Life in the Age of Sigmar – Episode 126


Ben, Mark and new co-host Steve relaunch Bad Dice Podcast in the Age of Sigmar 


Age of Sigmar experiences

  • The 3 of us talk about our Age of Sigmar experiences so far.  
    • Which armies we are currently playing and why we chose them
    • What we have found when playing ‘out of the box’ Age of Sigmar
    • How we are building our armies

Rondbasing tips

  • We each give our current method for rebasing to rounds.  

Our Month In The Hobby

    • What we have been doing recently and plans for the next month
  • Ben –  Rebasing Chaos Dwarfs and Dark Elves
  • Mark –  Rebasing Elves
  • Steve –  Painting for his Armies on Parade display entry.

Photos of Ben’s Chaos Dwarfs and rebasing projects.

Next episode topic

Armies on parade and getting ready for the Maul, a multi system event that is in its 10th year and includes bonus rules for a Halloween theme


UK Independent Pool Document and Clash Comp