BDD 155 – WWCD Christmas Themed Army

What Would Curry Do – Christmas Themed Army

With Christmas almost upon us I end the years podcast with a Christmas Themed Army episode.

The list I decided to go with is inspired about the grotty, disheveled Bad Santa’s that are in every American Christmas movie.  I have an idea of a union meeting and strike action as a group of Santa’s go on a protest march and turn into a riot!

My Christmas Themed Army would be based on Ogre Kingdoms.  I would use Skrag as the main Santa on his sleigh wi th his big sack of toys.  Skrag is accompanied by Gorgers and they would be represented by Snowmen.

The core of my army would be a large unit of Iron Guts.  These guys would be the Bad Santas, looking grimy and angry waving Chrismasy utensils.  I would also be running lots of Gnoblars.  They would be painted in the traditional Christmas Elf colours and the units champions would be a large ‘Elf’ in the style of Will Ferell.  I would kit the Gnoblars out with hand weapons made of wood and they will be trappers too, leaving christmas presents all ove rthe place.

The special choices would be some Sabertusks as reindeers, Mounrfang Cavalry as the 3 Wise Men and some Leadbelchers with Snow Cannons.

No ogre list is complte wihtout an Ironblaster so this big gun will be shooting out presents.

To finish the list I need a few more characters so Jack Frost would be made from a Firebelly and finally the Grinch will make an apperance as either a Giant or another Character.


So that round off another show and also finishes of the year.  If you have anything to say about this episode feel free to let me know by leaving a comment below or sending an email to

I look forwards to hearing what you have to say!

Have a fantastic Christmas and an Awesome New Year.  I will be back in 2013!


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