Episode 88 – ETC 2012

Episode 88 – ETC 2012

This episode is packed full of our ETC Coverage.  Ben, Gareth and Mark chat about the event then we have over 2 hours of recordings from Poland finished off by an ETC themed Query Corner.

Its a monster show at over 4 hours, but there is a further 4 hours of ETC Coverage on Snake Eyes!


0.00 – 1hr 17 – We chat about the ETC and give our post event review

1hr 17 – 3 hr 45 – ETC Recordings.  Intervews from the event recorded by Gareth.

3hr45 – End – Gareths Query corner and close of the show.


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ETC 2012 Coverage News.

Hi Guys,

As you know by now, Bad Dice covers the ETC each year and this time around is no different.

I have gone one step further and have arranged for one of our hosts be onsite just to cover the event. Gareth will be in Poland interviewing players all weekend, taking photos, tweeting and generally covering the event.  I will be out there on Wednesday and be covering the event as much as possible but I will also be playing as part of the Team England.

The Bad Dice Daily podcast will be doing a 2 week special on the ETC, starting on Monday with Episode 61. Asger will be our guest for Monday and Tuesday, previous England Captain Marcus Pitt will be on Wednesdays episode. The rest of the week and all the following week will be recorded at the event so if there are particular subjects that you would like to hear about please do let me know.

If you are at the event and would like to chat please come and find me or Gareth.

Here’s a nice pic of us both incase you want to find us.


Gareth Dicks

Ben Curry


The Links

The links that you need to be on top of to get the most out the coverage are here:

www.baddice.co.uk/ETC2012 – The will be our live blog for the event.  As much as possible we will be posting things here from indepth interviews, pics of teh evernt, the odd recording, video and also just witty remarkrs and comments, I will be sending everything here to our twitter feed, so this will be a permanent record of whats on the twitter.   This mini blog is also open to other guys at the event, so if you are at the ETC and would like to post to the live blog drop and email to bencurry@baddice.co.uk

On the Twitters

I’m hoping that there will be a ton of guys on twitter at the event, so let me know your username and I will add you to the list.

The hastag we will be using is #ETC2012 – This has been used for The Warmachine event earlier in the year, is good for this event across all 3 sytems and will get used again later in the year at other events so it’s a great place to see some past tweets.

Users to follow

Bad Dice Daily

As the episodes related to the ETC get put out I will link to them here, You can find more information about the Daily show at BadDice.co.uk/Daily including how to subscribe to the show.
I’m really excited for the event and am really looking forwards to not only playing, catching up with old friends and making new ones but also to report on the event and bring the news of back to the podcast.
See you at the party!