Daily 117 -Top 5 Ways to Deal With Frenzied Units

Top 5 Ways to Deal With Frenzied Units

Its Top 5 Tuesday and I give my Top 5 Ways to Deal With Frenzied Units seeing as the new Skullcrushers of Khorne are going to be a common place on the table top.
So lets get started with the list and I will cover them from beginners tips to more advanced.
5. The Simple Redirect.
Frenzied Units have to Overrun and Pursue so if they charge into combat you know to a certain extent where they are going to end up.  you position a unit directly in front of the Frenzied Enemy and when they charge they will be going straight ahead from that position.  You can get creative in the angles that you position your unit and thus the direction you send your enemy running.  Your counter attacking units can then lay in wait.  Just be careful to pay attention to the front and flank arcs of your redirecting unit, you don’t want to accidentally place the enemy to your flank and have his overrun path join in a different direction to what you expected.  Also be aware of how he can wheel to complete the charge and cover all options of the different alignments.
4. Maximum range failed charge
In this tip you are looking to force the frenzied unit into failing a charge by sitting at just inside its maximum charge distance. Its best to do this with a unit that you can flee with as the worst thing that can happen is for you to choose to hold and end up being on the receiving end of a double 6 charge.  Use this in combination with tip 5 to safe guard against that long charge by forcing the overrun off into a position that will take the unit out of the game.
3. Run to your deaths.
As with tip 4 this one involves luring the frenzied unit by taking advantage of the fact that they have to pass a leadership test to not charge the nearest target.  Where this tip differs from the last is that you are letting that frenzied unit charge headlong into your hammer unit ready to pound them in the face.  I have used this in the past against Chaos Knights of Khorne with Corsairs that have the Killing Blow ability from the Cauldron Of Blood.  the end result was messy.  The idea is that your ‘bait’ for the frenzy test is a unit that your opponent would never normally charge with his frenzied unit.
2. The Double Redirect
Tip 2 is an advanced version of Tip 5.  In this instance you position 2 bait units.  The enemy charges into the first, overruns or pursues into the 2nd and then overruns again.  If set up correctly you can turn a unit in circles sung this teqhnique.  You need to be aware that a pursuit move is centre to centre and an overrun is directly ahead.

1. Flank and Flee

My top tip for dealing with frenzied units is the flank and flee manoeuvre.  The reason I like this one is the fact that it will totally turn around your target unit and have them running away from the battle if performed correctly.  The way that you can pull this off is by charging the frenzied unit in the flank with a small throwaway unit of your own that will lose combat and end up running away.  There can be a few problems with this, firstly you have to actually lose by enough to run away! Its no good throwing in a unit of Empire Knight that won’t take any wounds due to their good save and end up getting a Flank, Charge and Banner for combat resolution.  You are aiming to lose by enough so that the frenzied unit is forced to pursue away from the battle line.  Fast Cavalry are great for this, so are units like Harpies and Terradons.
You need to be aware that you could end up having your whole unit wiped out so Its always good to have 1 more model than the unit you are flanking can deliver in attacks, and don’t forget to account for a Stomp.
You can also combine this with tip 2 to get an even better result.  In that case the enemy unit would persure into your 2nd bait unit and fight that combat in his own turn, preventing him from turning back to the battle and leaving a flank exposed for when it come back to your turn.
So thats my Top 5 Ways to Deal With Frenzied Units.  I hope it has given you some insights and some actionable tactics that you can try out in your next game.


If you do take any of these tips away and try them in your games please let me know how you found them  You can post a comment below or drop me an email to bencurry@baddice.co.uk