BDD 201 – How To Paint Fire

How to paint fire

How To Paint Fire

Today I talk about how to paint fire.

I have been painting a Hellcannon so have been looking at different ways to paint fire.  There seems to be 2 main methods to follow and I talk about both of them in this episode.

Method 1 – You start from a darker base like a red of brown and work up to a yellow or even white on the tips of the flames.

Method 2 – This is the more realistic effect but is harder to get it looking good.  Its the opposite way around with the lightest colour being closest to the centre of the fire and getting darker as it works its way to the tips.

You can see some of the techniques I talk about on this website –

My Hellcannon is still work in progress but i’m happy with how it is looking so far.

how to paint fire

how to paint fire


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BDD 166 – How To Paint Ethereal, Balefire and Rust

How To Paint Ethereal, Balefire and Rust

Todays daily show is something slightly different with David Witek from Garagehammer presenting an episode on How To Paint Ethereals, Balefire and Rust.

I have been suffering with the dreaded Manflu and have totally lost my voice.  I put a call out for other podcasters to record a segment that I would play this week and the first of these is todays show.

David Witek from the Garagehammer Podcast hosts todays episode.  The subject is How To Paint Ethereal, Balefire and Rust.

David goes into detail on the method he uses for painting Ethereals.  He talks about the colours he uses and how they are applied.

Here are some pictures of the techniques and models mentioned in the episode.

I want to say a huge thanks to David for helping out with this episode, you can catch up with him on Twitter or over at


If you have anything to say about this episode feel free to let me know by leaving a comment below or sending an email to

I look forwards to hearing what you have to say!


Daily 113 – How To Paint Yellow with Steve Wren

How To Paint Yellow

Steve Wren returns to the show and we talk about How To Paint Yellow.  We cover some beginner tips but also go in depth to look at ways to get a really great finish when painting yellow, a colour that is notoriously tricky.

casandora yellow


The first beginner tip is to just try the Citadel Paint Casandora Yellow Shade.  If you apply 4-5 layers of this shade over a white primer it creates a nice bright yellow finish with natural shading and highlights.

I give a run down of the method I used to paint my bright yellow Cygnar Warmachine army and Steve finished off with a few more of his more advanced tips.

Make sure you go back and check out the previous episodes in this series to find out how to paint Yellow, Black and White.


Steve has been a guest over the last few weeks and I hope to have him on again in the future.  Let us know what other hobby topics you want covering and we will address them in a future episode.  Leave a comment below of catch us on Twitter.  @baddice_podcast and @Steve_Wren


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Daily Episode 103 – How To Paint Black with Steve Wren

How To Paint Black with Steve Wren

Steve Wren is my guest on today’s episode and we talk about some tips and techniques on how to paint black.

This is going to be a semi-regular spot where Steve comes on the show and passes on some of his hobby and painting skills.  Earlier this week I asked what the community struggled the most with when painting and amongst a mass of replies the clear winners were Black, White and Yellow so it is these 3 colours that Steve is going to start by explaining.

In this show he explains how flat black can look good is done the right way. We discuss some of the more advanced tips for getting a great looking black effect and also what can be achieved by applying a little gloss varnish or even mixing some different colours into your black highlights.


If you want to let us know some more tips for painting black or ask for help with any other tricky colours you can contact @SteveWren on twitter or post in the episode discussion thread on the Bad Dice Forums.

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