Warhammer Quest App ‘My Hero’ review

I just posted a Warhammer Quest App ‘My Hero’ review over on YouTube.

You can check out the video here.

As you can see from the videos (and the images below) the Warhammer Quest App ‘My Hero’ gives a player everything that they need to play Age of Sigmar characters in Warhammer Quest Silver Tower.

You can purchase the character’s in the app for 79p each or get every character and 9 addition Skill and Treasure cards for £20.


Choose your trial and follow your hero as he fights his way though the twisting labyrinth of the Silver Tower.  Track their dice, collect their Treasure and Skill cards in an easy to read format and note which cards they will keep as they continue their adventure.

10 Hero’s from the bed games and 35 new hero’s, all based on the citadel plastic range.

Having spent an evening playing with the app (and a week now with the game) I can see myself using this whenever I play Warhammer Quest.