BDD 149 – Skaven Summary Sheet

Skaven Summary Sheet

In this episode I talk about the Skaven Summary Sheet I created before using them for the first Time at Winter Incursion.  Below you will find the list that I wrote before the event.  This will be changed in the future to have extras added into it, but its a great starting point to build your own from.

Skaven In-Game reminder List

  • Start of the Game.
    • Roll for Spells
      • If I need Seer to have a certain ruin spell and can give up a WL start with Engineers
      • Grey Seer can choose from both lores, Decide at Start.
      • Don’t forget to roll for D3 Warp Stone
    • Deployment
      • Check Terrain.  Line of Sight System.  Hills and Buildings block LOS
      • Start with Rat Swarms.  Need a 21″ gap between them to fit 4 blocks with gaps.  Better with 25″ to allow wheeling room.
      • BSB in Bell has no range across 2 slave blocks.  Immune to Psyc Doom wheel goes that side.
      • ABomb deploy to cause chaos.
      • Characters Deployed in Bell can’t leave.  Do I need Skitterleap?
      • Deploy Wheel and Abomb length ways to gain extra distance on pivot.
      • Decide at deployment if gutter runners are scouting or tunnelling
  • Start of Turn
    • Tunnelling?
    • Skalm?
    • Storm Banner
  • Movement Phase
    • Charges
      • Beware of long slave units units blocking friendly movement.
    • Random Movement.
      • After Chargers have been moved.  After Rallying and Fleeing. No Charge Reaction.
      • FAQ’s for Random Movement stuck in rulebook Pg 74.
    • Normal Movement.  Remember Bell might ring and move.
      • Check for shots with Doom Rocket and Brass Orb.
    • Gutter Runners in General and BSB Range.  18″ on Bell.
    • Doom Wheel shoots nearest Target.
    • Bell can charge with magic.
  • Magic
    • Skalm?
    • Winds of Magic and then RING THE BELL>  DING DONG
    • Ring the Bell
      • 1 dice on turn 1.
      • only if not game changing on bad result.
      • Building collapse
      • Destroyed while in a big combat
      • Ring the Bell  Page 42.
    • Seer has 360′ on Bell.
    • Warpstone Tokens
    • Power Scroll
    • Look for Delete and Cannon combo.
  • Shooting.
    • Skalm?
    • Doom Rocket
    • Brass Orb
    • Doom Wheel Test to not shoot.
    • Check for LoS on characters
      • Can Gutters, Rocket and Orb remove LoS?
    • Cannon has template.
    • Plague Claw causes panic
  • Combat
    • Skalm?
    • Fencers Blades on the Seer.
    • Abomb rules Pg 56
      • Impacts hits and Thunderstomp
    • Remember Bell Effects if any.
    • Doomwheel Grinds and attacks.
      • Pg 66
    • Reform with Bell.  Look for 10″ move and Ring to charge.
This was the list I wrote before playing any games with the Skaven.  I went through my army and visualised every part of a game and tried to include notes about each section.  After playing some games you will probably want to go back and add to your list.  If you are starting with Skaven it would be a good idea to print off this Skaven Summary sheet and use it in your games.


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BDD 132 – Top 5 New Zealand Masters Lists

New Zealand Masters

Top 5 New Zealand Masters Lists

Today I am talking about the New Zealand Masters.  I’ll have a run down of the rulespack and give my top 5 lists at the tournament.

Just to be clear, I have not idea about the final ranking places going into this event, who are the favourites or anything about the New Zealand Warhammer Communits other than having met a few of the guys at the ETC and the ones who have travelled to the UK and having spoken on email and twitter to some of the players.  I’m basing my top 5 on lists alone having reviewed the lists and read the rules pack.

So first I’ll cover the rules pack.

Its 6 games of Warhammer at 2400 points.  the Scoring system is 20-0 with staggered bandings, starting at 100 point increments and varying as it goes up.  Battle points account for 60% of the overall score. The remaining 40% is governed by sportsmanship.  5 points are avaliable per game.  you mark your player 0, 3 or 5.  5 being a generally good game, this is the score for an average game.  3 is giving for shenanigans, and 0 for a complete disadte.

The Scenarios are all 6 from the rulebook.  The composition system being used looks to be the 2012 South Coast GT rules pack but I did not check for an exact match.

Lets get onto the lists;

5.  Orcs and Goblins.

Big Savage Orcs, Big Trolls.  2 Warbosses. Its still go the Doom Diver and a Stone thrower and also has a bunch of chariots.  It should go well against the Empire,

4. Vampire Counts

This Vampire list is an odd one but even with a small knight unit I think it has the potential for a few big wins and to play tight and take what points it can in the tougher games.  There is not a huge amount of armies that can deal with the lord so his is going to have a field day in some games.

3. Empire

This is a solid Empire list, everything about it says that its going to be hard to get points from the list other than the fact that I think the player may have misjudged his competition when he decided to go for metal magic.  If he brought Light (or even Fire) on the lv4 I woulld say it was the best list at the Tournament, but i’m not sure it has enough in the list to beat the Deamons and Skaven.

2. Deamons of Chaos

I like this Deamon list, especially in the  light of what the other players have brought.  This player clearly expected to face Ogres and Empire with the Balesword Great Unclean one and Metal Master of Sorcery.  The Screaming Bell Skaven will still destroy this list without breaking sweat but everything else will have a lot of problems.

1. Skaven.

It looks like a Ben Johnson Screaming Bell build before he dropped the gutter runners for the Assassins.  In this environment the Bell has little to fear from the rest of the field other than possibly the empire with 2 cannons, even then 18 gutter runners, a cannon, and a storm banner should  see it through.  Even if that game goes badly, I think that over the 6 games this Skaven list will pick up more big wins than the Empire.


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BDD 124 – Items of Distinction, The Fellblade

Items of Distinction, The Fellblade

In this latest instalment of items of distinction I am going to talk about the Fellblade.

The Fellblade is a weapon of huge power, created by the Skaven Council of Thirteen and wielded by Alcadizaar the Conqueror to destroy the Necromancer Nagash.
This is the sword of swords that was created by the Skaven to destroy the greatest Necromancer to ever walk the world. Raw warpstone was smelted into stolen Gromril. Incantations o doom were heaped upon the cursed blade. Death itself was bound to its cutting edge and any with eldritch sight can see the aura of power and ruin that surrounds the wicked creation. No foe can stand before it and even the wielder must succumb to its baleful effects.
All attacks from the Fellblade are made with strength 10 and successful ward saves must be re-rolled.  Unsaved wounds are multiplied into D6 Wounds.  At the end of each of the wielders turns roll a D6.  on a 1 or 2 the wielder suffers a wound with no armour save.
This is clearly a weapon of unbelievable power but the problem is with the Character carrying it.  The Warlord has only 4 attacks at weapon skill 6.  He has a good Initiative at 7 but his lack of protection and the fact that The Fellblade will be doing wounds too makes it a difficult item to use.
The option that rally jumps out at me is to take him riding a War Litter.  This give him an extra bit of armour save and also a few extra attacks form the crew, but most importantly, and the reason I like this over taking him on a bone breaker is the fact that he still gets a Look Out Sir roll from friendly units.
Other than that I would want to build quite an aggressive skaven list but still keeping the ‘Skaven’ elements to the list that make it super powerful.
Warlord, 228 pts Heavy Armour; Shield; War-Litter; The Fellblade
Grey Seer, 265 pts General; Warpstone Tokens; Dispel Scroll
Plague Priest, 250 pts Plague Furnace
Chieftain Battle Standard Bearer 70 pts
Warlock Engineer, 65 pts Level 1 Wizard;
Warlock Engineer, 45 pts Doomrocket
Assassin, 170 pts Weeping Blade; Potion of Strength39 Stormvermin, 387 pts Musician; Standard; Shield; Fangleader; Storm Banner
36 Skavenslaves, Musician; 74 pts
35 Skavenslaves, Musician; 72 pts
35 Skavenslaves, Musician; 72 pts31 Plague Monks, 272 pts Musician; Standard Bearer; Bringer-of-the-Word; Plague Banner
Hell Pit Abomination, 250 pts Warpstone Spikes
Warp Lightning Cannon, 90 pts
Warp Lightning Cannon, 90 ptsTotal Roster Cost: 2400


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Daily Episode 90 – How To Beat Skaven

How to beat Skaven

Advice For How To Beat Skaven

I was just sitting down to record this episode when I received and email from a guy called Simon Kwok asking me for advice on how to beat Skaven.  I thought this would make a great topic so decided to record the episode right away

Some of the tips is give are to bring flaming attacks of some sort to deal with the Abomination, the good thing about fire magic is that it is also useful to deal with the gutter runners.  The Doomwheel can be a huge problem for some armies so you need to decide early in the game what your biggest problem will be and focus on killing that first.  Try to deal with the Abomb and Gutter Runners before getting stuck on the slaves.

You can bring Death magic to put pressure on the Skaven Characters.  Forcing them into 1 unit to pass on the magic resistance is a good way to limit their impact on the whole battlefield.  You can force them to choose between various threats by making them choose to face one or the other.  Doom and Darkness is great for clearing the slaves.

If you like this episode let me know what armies you would like me to talk about in the future by leaving a comment below.


Daily Episode 87 – Top 5 Army Power Level

Army Power Level

Army Power Level

In this weeks Top 5 I talk about the order I would rate the Army Power Level assuming no comp.  I think choosing to go with no comp can make a huge difference to the way the lists line up and the reason I chose the armies that I did was due to the fact that not only are they hard as nails but they also have a few different builds that can compete for those places.

The Top 5

In 5th place I went for Vampire Counts.  The Deathstar or a big knight unit with multiple RedFury + Quickblood Vampires (or combos between the 2) is an amazingly powerful unit that can beat almost anything in the game.  They also have the option to fill the front rank of an infantry unit with a Vampire Lords that can easily do 7/8 wounds and a bunch or wraiths to do more damage all while having enough ranks to take away steadfast.

4th Place I went for Ogres.  They have a few different builds all very powerful.  Triple Mountfang units and 2 Ironblasters back up by Hellheart + the Death Fist (Greedy Fist and Death Magic) is a great list, but so is the huge Gutstar packed with characters and Ironguts.

3rd is the Dark Elves.  They have suffered recently due to comp hitting the combos that they need to take on the other power lists and the recent metagame changes but freeing them up with no comp allows the Coldone Deathstar to run riot, but also lets the mixed arms infantry list work to its best when backed up by a Power of Darkness and Sacrificial Dagger fuelled magic phase.  The mindrazor and Searing Doom cast with no cap on the number of dice makes a huge difference.

2nd was a very tough choice.  I was torn between the top 2 lists and in the end I chose Skaven.  They excel at beating elite armies and can really put the hurt on character powered deathstars, but also tear apart the superunits that you often see in no comp environments.  A single seer on a bell or double seer and double 13 are both fantastic options and the rare slots are just filled with great units.  All round the Skaven came very close to being my top choice

1st place went to the Lizardmen.  Party Slann, 100 skinks, terradons and sallamanders is a crazy list to deal with.  Almost every lore of magic can work with this army and the choce between 1 or 2 slanns is not all that clear cut.  Even the combat armies are super powerful,  The Lizardmen have it all and for that reason they are my top choice in the army power level top 5.

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Daily Episode 69 – ETC Team Polands Lists

Bad Dice

Daily Episode 69 – ETC Team Polands Lists

In this episode I talk about some of the lists from ETC Team Poland.

Karol ‘The Young’ Pietrowicz (c) – Skaven
Grey Seer on Screaming Bell ; General; Power Scroll; Skalm; Dragonbane Gem;2xWarpstone Token 540
Warlock Engineer ; Magic Level 2, Dispel Scroll 125
Warlock Engineer ; Brass Orb 65
Warlock Engineer ; Magic Level 2; Warp-Energy Condenser 120
Assassin; Weeping Blade; Potion of Strength 170
Chieftain ; Heavy Armour; Shield; BSB ; Banner of Eternal Flame 82
1 Warp-lightning Warp Cannon 90
1 Hellpit Abomination , Spikes, 250
6 Gutter Runners; Poisoned Attacks; Sling; 108
6 Gutter Runners; Poisoned Attacks; Sling; 108
29 Stormvermin; FCG; Storm Banner 278
30 Clanrats ; Shields; FCG 155
30 Clanrats ; Shields; FCG 155
36 Skavenslaves; Musician,Champ 78
35 Skavenslaves; Musician,Champ 76

Paweł ‘Gąsior’ Gąsiewski – Vampire Counts
Vampire Lord; General; Lore of Vampires; Level 4 Wizard; Summon Creatures of the Night; Charmed Shield; Dragonbane Gem; Quickblood; Giant Blade; Red Fury; The Other Trickster’s Shard 500.0
Vampire; Battle Standard Bearer; Magic Level 1; Lore of Shadow; Shield; Obsidian Amulet; Scroll of Shielding 177.0
Necromancer; Magic Level 2; Lore of Vampires; Dispel Scrol 125.0
10 Crypt Horrors 380.0
1 Spirit Hosts 45.0
2 Fell Bats 32.0
20 Zombies; Standard; Musician 70.0
20 Zombies; Standard; Musician 70.0
40 Crypt Ghouls; Ghast 410.0
5 Dire Wolves; Doom Wolf 50.0
5 Vargheists 230.0
2 Bat Swarm 70.0
1 Mortis Engine; Blaspemous Tome 240.0
Total: 2399

Andrzej “Maryś” Rodziewicz – Ogre Kingdoms
Slaughtermaster; General; Lore of Great Maw; Magic Level 4; Crown of Command; Armour of Destiny; Dragonbane Gem; Warrior Bane 380.0
Bruiser; Great Weapon; Heavy Armour; Battle Standard; Talisman of Preservation; Rock Eye 195.0
Butcher; Lore of Beasts; Magic Level 2; Hellheart 185.0
9 Ironguts; Look-Out Gnoblar; Standard; Musician; Gutlord; Standard of Discipline 437.0
5 Ogres; Iron Fist; Musician 170.0
1 Sabretusk Pack 21.0
1 Sabretusk Pack 21.0
1 Sabretusk Pack 21.0
5 Mournfang Cavalry; Heavy Armour; Iron Fist; Standard; Musician; Crusher; Dragonhide Banner 430.0
5 Mournfang Cavalry; Heavy Armour; Iron Fist; Musician; Crusher 370.0
1 Ironblaster 170.0
Total Army Cost: 2400.0


Aleksander “Rince” Jaworowski – Dark Elves
Dreadlord on Black Dragon; General; Soulrender; Armour Of Darkness; Talisman of Preservation; The Other Trickster Shard 560
Master on Dark Pegasus; Battle Standard Bearer; Great Weapon; Heavy Armour; Sea Dragon Cloak; Dragonhelm; Pendant of Khaeleth 212
Master on Dark Pegasus; Lance; Heavy Armour; Shield; Cloak of Hag Graef; Dawstone 190
Sorceress; Magic Level 1; Lore of Metal; The Guiding Eye; Dispel Scroll 150
25 Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen; Light Armour; Musician; Guardmaster 260
10 Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen; Light Armour; Musician; Guardmaster 110
10 Dark Elf Warriors; Musician 63
5 Dark Riders; Light Armour 85
5 Dark Riders; Light Armour 85
1 Cold One Chariot 100
1 Cold One Chariot 100
1 War Hydra 175
1 Reaper Bolt Thrower 100
1 Reaper Bolt Thrower 100
5 Harpies 55
5 Harpies 55