BDD 135 – Suicide Elves and Character Light Armies.

Suicide Elves and Character Light Armies

Today I am going to talk about a return to what was an old trend in the UK back in 6th and 7th Edition.  Started by Joe Sturge and encouraged by many who read his battle reports over on the warhammer forums, the Suicide Elves became quite a fashion of the time.

The concept revolves around taking as few characters as possible and relying on the units to do the work in the army.  Joe’s 7th Edition list might not work in the current enviroment of 8th edition Warhammer but the principles remain true.  A character to be the General, another to be the BSB (Even more so in 8th Edition) Magic if needed, but only if really required, this can be the general.  Magic is often the place where a lot of points are spent so it is interesting to explore just how effective it is and if another 4-500 points of combat troops would be more suited to this army style.

Dark Elves

My idea for the Dark Elves in this edition would be similar to this;

2x Death Hag with Cauldren of Blood.  BSB and General.

35 Warriors, Full Command, Shields
30 Corsairs, Full Command, Sea Serpant Standard
2x 5 Harpies

30 Witches
30 Executioners
20 Black Guard
10 Cold One Knights

Thats a solid baseline for the list, the Special points are very tight, I might have to drop a model here or there.  I would play some games with it and assess whats needed to make it work. Initially I think the 6 Combat Blocks would be hard to handle for a lot of armies, the trick would be matching the right units to to the right opponents.  I might be better dropping the spearmen into 4 units of dark riders

Other Races

Every army can make some interesting ‘Suicide” lists.  Oddly enough, Lizardmen would be a prime choice for this with a single Slann.  It would be very tempting to make him a full party slann, but at 300 points for a Lv4 who is your general and BSB its a bargin.  I also like the idea of an Orc list with a Orc Warlord and Orc BSB.  You can fit in the army all the usual toys like the Warmachines and Mangler Squigs, but you also get 5 Full Combat Horde units, or 3 and 2 big units of Trolls.


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